F-Pacific Opens New Plant for Patchcords in Surrey


F-Pacific, the subsidiary of China based fiber optic components and accessories manufacturer China Fiber Optic Network System Group Ltd will start production of fiber optic patch cords in Surrey, Canada. The Canadian subsidiary of the group has its North American headquarters in Vancouver and set up manufacturing plant in Surrey that will employ 200 employees including local manpower. F-Pacific launched its first production line in Richmond, B. C. In February 2015, F-Pacific has further expanded its production scale in Surrey, B. C, acquiring a new production facility that has more than two acres in size and ten more production lines.

The Canadian subsidiary has invested 50 million dollars in the province since its inception in 2014. The investment includes the cost of equipment for manufacturing, quality assurance and infrastructure. F-Pcific targets to start the production in June 2015 once the machines and equipment reached and installed this month. The company expects to generate 100 million dollars in export sales by the end of 2015.

Canada has become an attractive market for fiber optic product manufacturers recently. Canada based telecommunication service provider, Telus announced big investments to connect Canadian homes and businesses with fiber optic cables. Nationwide fiber optic deployment by Telus will boost the economy by generating employment opportunities in telecom service sector and manufacturing of telecom products. Investment such as the one by F-Pacific is also a kind of indication towards that trend.

F-Pacific operates the first zirconia ceramic ferrule blanks production line in North America, and uses a patented Japanese technology of manufacturing these core component (ceramic ferrule blanks The new plant will create considerable local Canadians jobs and generate more opportunities in research and development in B. C.

China Fiber Optic Network System Group Ltd. (“the Group”) is the largest manufacturer of fiber optic patch cords in China. The Group produces and sells a comprehensive portfolio of fiber optic patch cords used in a variety of applications in the communications industry. In addition, the Group also produces connection and distribution products and equipment room accessories.

China Fiber Optic Network Systems chose B.C. for its cheap electricity rates and Canada’s strict intellectual-property-rights protections for technology that it purchased from Japan. B.C.’s trade and investment office in Hong Kong courted China Fiber Optic for two years after the company went public on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, said B.C. International Trade Minister Teresa Wat.

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