EneCom to Deliver 1Gbps Over G.fast in Japan


Japanese broadband provider, Energia Communications (EneCom) plans to provide 1 Gbps over copper cables using G.fast technology in Japan. EneCom will be the first provider in Japan to roll out commercial G.fast services. Existing copper lines can be used to deliver such higher speeds.

The provider will launch the broadband service in the Chugoku area starting in June this year. The rollout decision was taken after a successful field trial in 2015.

Nokia is providing the equipment for the rollout. EneCom plans to use the network to meet customer demand for ultra-high-definition streaming HD video and high-quality data services.

G.fast technology utilizes existing copper last mile networks to connect to high-speed fiber backbone networks. Nokia said it is involved in 34 G.fast trials across the world and in commercial deployments with Taiwan’s Chunghwa Telecom and Austria’s A1 Telekom.

G.fast, which is the predominant broadband technology in Europe and the Americas, is quickly proving to be a great way to deliver broadband services in areas that are too complex or expensive to fully deploy FTTH solutions.

Japan is one of the top ranked countries by FTTH Council, where Fiber to the home/building networks delivers high-speed broadband services. Japanese service providers such as NTT, KDDI, and Softbank, etc were very successful in connecting subscribers to their fiber network. Japanese broadband market has reached a saturation level when almost more than 60 percent of the homes were connected to the fiber based broadband services.

By using broadband solutions such as Nokia’s G.fast residential gateways and distribution point units, Energia Communications could quickly and easily deliver on the promise of fiber network speeds and meet the growing demands of broadband in Japan’s highly competitive market.

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