Emtelle Strengthens its Fiber Optic Business

Duct, Blown fiber and FTTx solution provider Emtelle has revealed investment plans to expand fiber optic business in view of the growing demand in the markets. Emetelle will invest millions of pounds at its Hawick factory to ensure that it remains a world leader in the fiber optics industry.

More than 5 million British Pounds are being pumped into the Haughhead plant to buy state-of-the-art equipment. Emtelle had expanded its workforce by 53 in order to keep up with business. A minimum of 10 million Pounds over 2014-15 in Hawick and Jedburgh was planned. Six years ago Emtelle was hit by the financial crisis and 42 employees were made redundant.

Emtelle’s research and development is done at Hawick. Emtelle management appreciates the workforce for the company’s strong comeback to forefront of the market. Officials from Emetelle says that the employees have built up a competence level, from which the company can reap the fruits. 190 strong workforce in Emtelle is supplying more than 60 countries with its specialized products, with customers including Virgin Media, BT and Vodaphone.

Emtelle have completed the fiber optic ducting network for the Borders Railway, as well as cabling and ducting for the world’s largest rail tunnel in Switzerland. This latest investment is set to further improve their performance on the global market, according to operations manager Billy Rae.


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