Delta Rijssen Transfers Fiber Optic Networks to KPN

The Netherlands-based Digital Delta Rijssen (Digital City Fiber Optic Investments) has transferred three fiber optic networks to KPN.  This includes the fiber optic network in the outskirts of Westerveld (Drenthe), Lingewaard, and Berg en Dal (Gelderland).

The fiber optic networks transferred from Digital City comprise of approximately 7,700 subscribers.  KPN in a press release said there would be no change and everything remains the same for the connected consumers.  The networks are open networks on which KPN and other providers provide services.  The financial details of the transaction has not been disclosed either by Digital City or KPN.

KPN is rapidly modernizing its existing copper networks by replacing them with fiber optic cables. Therefore, KPN is now able to provide individual  customers and  wholesale customers with fast internet. 

KPN has decided for accelerating its fiber deployment projects in 2021. This will transform the Netherlands’ broadband landscape. KPN installs fiber optic networks by themselves on a large scale and where possible the company works together with other partners.  This is also the case with Digital City.  Adding the networks in Westerveld, Lingewaard, and Berg en Dal to KPN’s assets is a logical step in that collaboration. 

At present, KPN offers fiber optic connectivity to a third of Dutch households.  From 2021, KPN will roll out approximately 500,000 new fiber optic lines annually.  In addition, KPN is actively looking for possible partnerships.  

KPN estimates that in three years’ time, more than half of the Netherlands will have optical fiber from KPN. It will be increased to 65% by 2025. After that, KPN will continue to renew its network, so that in the long term more than 80% of the Netherlands will have access to a fast and future-proof internet connection via KPN’s network.

 KPN has traditionally opened its network to other providers – wholesale customers – to offer telecom services.  KPN explained their intention to continue this open access fiber network program. KPN offers consumers and companies more freedom of choice and makes better use of the capacity of its network.

 Fiber offers the highest possible upload and download speed and is a more stable and reliable network that uses less energy.  Together with KPN’s completely renewed mobile network with 5G, this forms the most modern and powerful network on which the Netherlands can build well into the 21st century.  

Data growth will continue to increase enormously in the coming years, not only due to increasingly intensive use of the internet and an increasing number of devices, but also because of gaming, virtual reality and artificial intelligence, and because of applications in healthcare and at school.

KPN has 6.3 million fixed-line telephone customers in the country. KPN Mobile had more than 33 million subscribers in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, France, and Spain under different brand names. 

KPN has ownership in several European Internet service providers and through these channels, KPN provides Internet access to 2.1 million customers. KPN also offers business network services and data transport throughout Western Europe.

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