Crnogorski Telekom Continues Investment in FTTH Networks

Montenegro’s telecom service provider Crnogorski Telekom in a press release has revealed its continuing investment to expand fiber-optic network infrastructure in the country. Through its fiber-optic broadband program branded as “Fiber to the Home”, the operator extended its reach with next-generation networks to over 46,000 households. Approximately 25 percent of the total households in the country have the ability to access fiber optic services from the provider.

Crnogorski Telekom has covered the eleven municipalities in Montenegro through successful partnerships with local communities. The operator focussed on the spread of its fiber optic services in neighborhoods that have not had the ability to use broadband services.

Podgorica and Budva are cities that the operator covers the best with its optical fiber infrastructure. In most Podgorica settlements the operator could enable data transmission speeds of 80 Mbps so that residents of the capital have the opportunity to enjoy the demanding interactive services over the Internet connection. All residents of the residential zone Block V, VI, and Block City neighborhood have access to fiber-optic services.

A successful partnership with local communities has enabled the introduction of fiber optic services in neighborhoods that have not had the ability to use broadband services Dahn, spleen, houses Rakic, etc.

In parallel with Podgorica, the operator had done extensive works on the introduction of fiber optic services in other cities. So in the area of optics leading Budva with around 4,000 apartments (Roz, residential buildings in the settlements Golubovina and Dubovica, as well as in Gospostina). In Herceg Novi access to optical services is provided in the 3000 apartments (Bajkovina, Igalo, Gomila, warm). Optics is available in the center of Bar and in the community Topolica III, to over 2.8 thousand flats. In Tivat are in addition to the complete settlement of Porto Montenegro, covered and facilities in the city center – a total of about 1.2 thousand apartments. It should be noted that in Kotor, where the possibility of optics has been used in 2,000 households, nearly half of them used this possibility.


The operator promotes fiber optic services to the communities by marketing the advantages of fiber optics. Fiber optic cables enable high-quality service with the most modern way of data transfer and much higher internet speed. Crnogorski Telekom said they will continue to invest in the “technology of the future” in order to provide its users with the best experience.

In Montenegro, there are more than 163,000 main lines in use. Fixed-line services are provided by T-Com Montenegro (owned by Crnogorski Telekom) and MTEL (owned by Telekom Srbija). There are more than 1.1 million mobile connections in the country. Mobile cellular services are provided by Telenor Montenegro owned by Telenor, T-Mobile Montenegro owned by Crnogorski Telekom, and MTEL owned by Telekom Srbija.

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