Consortium Led by OMERS Buys Stakes in SFR FTTH

A consortium led by OMERS Infrastructure and partners AXA IM – Real Assets, and Allianz Capital Partners will buy minority stakes of SFR FTTH from the parent company Altice Europe N.V. (Euronext ATC, ATCB). The announcement came from Altice states the closing of the sale of a minority equity stake of 49.99% in fiber to the home business of Altice, SFR FTTH.

SFR FTTH is a subsidiary of Altice France and is the largest alternative FTTH infrastructure wholesale operator in France. SFR has plans to cover 5 million homes within the next 4 years and more to be franchised or acquired.

France is placed at the 16th place in the list of European countries ranked by the market research group IDATE for the countries with more than one percent FTTH/B connected homes. 19.4% of the homes in France are connected with fiber to the home or building broadband architecture. Out of this, around 10% of the houses in France have optical fibers directly installed to the home and around 9.4% of the houses are connected by FTTB technology where the optical fibers get terminated at the basement of the building from where the services are delivered over legacy cables.

SFR FTTH is specialized in the design, construction and operation of telecommunications networks and infrastructures for local authorities. It intervenes within the framework of the private investment zone (AMII / AMEL areas) as well as within the framework of the Public Initiative Networks (PIN / DSP) or any other form of participation in the projects of digital development initiated by the local authorities.

As stated above, SFR FTTH aims to do massive deployment of optical fiber over the next 4 years. Its main focus is in exclusive areas where no fiber infrastructure has been built to date.

SFR FTTH will sell wholesale services to all the service providers at uniform terms and conditions

Altice France will sell technical services to SFR FTTH for the construction, subscriber connection and the maintenance of its FTTH network. Together with SFR FTTH, Altice France is the leader in ultra-fast broadband in France with 12.4 million home-passes.

Final cash consideration at closing of Euro 1.7 billion based on a Euro 3.4 billion equity value.

Altice Europe, listed on Euronext Amsterdam, is a convergent leader in telecoms, content, media, entertainment and advertising. Altice delivers innovative, customer-centric products and solutions that connect and unlock the limitless potential of its over 30 million customers over fibre networks and mobile broadband. Altice is also a provider of enterprise digital solutions to millions of business customers.

Altice innovates with technology, research and development and enables people to live out their passions by providing original content, high-quality and compelling TV shows, and international, national and local news channels. Altice delivers live broadcast premium sports events and enables its customers to enjoy the most well-known media and entertainment.

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