Comcast Deploys Fiber Networks in Elgin

Comcast had deployed fiber optic cables to meet the growing demand for high speed services in Elgin. Businesses in the area needed higher speed, high bandwidth services that legacy cables are unable to provide was the reason behind the deployment of fiber optic cables in Elgin as per Comcast officials. Around 3.6 kilometers of fiber optic cables have been installed in Elgin near Interstate and Randall Road. This fiber optic network will serve businesses in and around the Northwest Business Park.

Around 6.4 kilometers of fiber optic cables have been installed in South Elgin for business along Schneider Drive from Bowes Road south to Sundown Road. Elgin has over 20 Business, Office, and Industrial Parks. These parks offer a wide variety of flexible spaces to meet business needs and price points. Comcast announced the additional fiber optic network capability Monday afternoon at an event held at Jimmy’s Charhouse, 2290 Point Blvd. — adjacent to the new Elgin lines.

These infrastructure investments from Comcast will give numerous Elgin and South Elgin businesses the ability to access Internet speeds of up to 10 Gbps, along with a wide range of Comcast Business services, including Ethernet, Internet, voice, and value-added cloud services. Representatives from Fox Valley Fire & Safety said it was one of the Elgin businesses that are benefiting from the upgraded services. The company has 235 employees in the Northwest Business Park and need fast, reliable Internet connections.

Fox Valley Fire & Safety is looking to add Tablet Internet devices having internet access to the employees in Elgin. High speed fiber optic lines installed by Comcast would attract more potential businesses to the park. Availability of high speed high bandwidth services are some of the pre-requisite for selecting prime locations for businesses to open their offices and manufacturing locations. High speed broadband has become more like a utility. While the development of fiber optic lines will attract new businesses in the region, it will help retain existing businesses.

Telecommunication infrastructure development by Comcast not only helps businesses but also potential job seekers by creating employment opportunities directly and indirectly. It also helps the hotels, restaurants, and retail stores in the area in their efforts in providing their guests and patrons with the most advanced information technology available, which they can convert into customer satisfaction and then to business.

There are around 5,700 registered businesses in Elgin and 23 industrial parks in the city. High capacity services like fiber optics become important in business development.

Comcast took about six months to get the fiber optic lines installed. Most of the fiber optic cables were deployed on aerial poles. Aerial fiber optic deployment takes less time and saves in construction cost. Though aerial deployments, if not done systematically, make complications to the local administration. Underground infrastructures are safer but demand more time and cost.

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