City of Biloxi Pushes for Fiber Optic Cables

The Attorney of the City of Biloxi, Mr. Gerald Blessey had strongly appealed to the members of Leadership Gulf Coast, the importance of moving towards the digital revolution by utilizing the benefits offered by fiber optic communication systems. He was addressing the members of Leadership Gulf Coast. He stressed the need for installing fiber optic cables in the city that will take the city to the next level of the broadband revolution.

The current broadband services offered in the city have poor quality and the speeds and quality depend on the area where the customer lives. The speed is directly related to how much monthly payment one makes, thus keeping the lower income residents away from the neighborhoods of broadband services. Broadband should be affordable for at least anyone living in a neighborhood where fiber optic services are available. The affordability of broadband services is the key to the full-fledged economic growth of the region.

Leadership Gulf Coast is a part of the Mississippi Gulf Coast Chamber of Commerce, Inc. whose mission is to connect, inform, advocate, and develop, which is a membership organization. Mississippi Gulf Coast Chamber of Commerce comprises businesses throughout the Gulf South and strives to improve the business climate through fostering leadership, advocate for business, and providing information to the community.

The city of Biloxi is a city in Harrison County, Mississippi. A recent census reveals a population of more than 44,000 people living in the city of Biloxi. Along with the adjoining city of Gulfport, Biloxi is a county seat of Harrison County. The city is part of the Gulfport-Biloxi metropolitan area and the Gulfport-Biloxi-Pascagoula, Mississippi Combined Statistical Area. Pre-Katrina, the deadly hurricane in the history of the United States, Biloxi was the third largest city in Mississippi behind Jackson and Gulfport; with its population losses following that storm, it was passed by Hattiesburg and Southaven, so Biloxi is now ranked fifth in the state.

Digital division will result in the creation of different layers within a society and hence the policymakers should focus on the uniform implementation of digital technologies that can be utilized by anybody who wishes to make use of it. Minorities in the United States, usually people in poor neighborhoods, not only should not be over-looked, they should have the ease of cheap, high-speed broadband. Broadband can accelerate economic development. High-speed broadband would be available to Biloxi companies and they’d offer it to their customers.

The city of Biloxi is currently undertaking a large infrastructure project. Roads are being torn up all across town to make repairs to water and sewage drainage. The city officials think that this would be the perfect time to lay new fiber optic cable as well. If done together with water and sewage networks, civil construction costs and road repairing costs can be reduced drastically. When the earth is dug for utility networks, fiber optic cables can also be laid. The Fiber to the home concept is just like giving water connection to a house. Water connectivity has to be made to each and every house. Fiber optic networks should also follow the same suit.

Fiber optic networks are needed for every walk of life. Fiber optic networks deliver high speed internet, which is required for online businesses and for downloading and uploading data within a fraction of time. Fiber optic connectivity opens up a whole new world of education to the schools. Connectivity to broadband services ensures a faster and clearer image and video transmission, which are required for e-health services. High speed data transmission aids the e-governance system that could help solve public grievances at quicker speeds.

The city of Biloxi does not have any fixed schedule to complete the possible fiber optic cable laying project. If the project is done simultaneously with the civil construction for utilities, the project should complete within the next three years.

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