CFI Brings Fiber Optic Broadband to Constantia

Mowbray based South African communication network solution provider, Constantia Fibre Initiative (CFI) had announced that they will deploy optical fiber cables to connect to all the 3,500 houses in Constantia in 2015. Residents in Constantia will be able to sign up for the fiber optic broadband services.

With a population of around 12,600 Constantia is a suburb of Cape Town, South Africa, situated about 15 kilometres south of the center of Cape Town. Almost 79 percent of the population are whites. The Constantia Valley lies to the east of and at the foot of the Constantiaberg mountain. Constantia Nek is a low pass linking to Hout Bay in the west.

CFI had selected Link Africa and Frogfoot Networks to deploy fiber optic networks in the suburb. The company estimates that the deployment work will be completed before the Christmas this year. As per the service provider’s plan, the first home will be connected by the end of June this year while the team would be able to connect the 100th house at the end of July.

Like many other FTTH deployments in South Africa, the Constantia Valley network will use Gigabit Passive Optical Network technology, offering maximum download speeds of 1 Gigabit per second, and upload speeds of up to 500 Megabits per second. Residents can sign up on the Constantia Fibre website, where they can choose their Internet service provider and access package.

CFI said six Internet Service Providers have come on board for the launch, including Web Africa, Vox Telecom, and ISP Afrika. Constantia has long been under-serviced when it comes to reliable, fast broadband Internet connectivity. Rolling out a high-speed broadband network will put our area at the cutting-edge of technology. We will enjoy entry-level Internet speeds 10 times that of the incumbent provider ADSL. At the highest end, we will have access to Internet 200 times faster than today!

The Constantia Property Owner’s Association (CPOA) together with various other organisations (Constantia Watch and neighboring Watch organisations) proactively introduced this initiative to ensure that their area becomes one that is even more desirable to live and work in.

The network would be open access and ISPs can deliver their services to the subscribers. Vox Telecom offers the highest speed of 1 Gbps for download. ISP Afrika offers 100 Mbps and Web Africa offers 10 Mbps for download. The maximum upload speed offered by Vox Telecom is 500 Mbps.

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