BREKO Carrier Members Forecasts 4.2 Million Fiber-Optic Broadband Subscribers by 2018


BREKO has published a report on the broadband status in Germany, which reveals the fact that the majority of the fiber-optic deployments are done by its members. The Broadband Operators’ Association’s 5th edition of its Broadband Compass report focuses on fiber-optic network roll-outs. BREKO says that over 80 percent of fiber-optic (Fiber-to –the-building/business or Fiber-to-the-home) network roll-out in German is currently being undertaken by alternative network operators, not by Deutsche Telekom.

BREKO carrier members had connected to more than 1.28 million subscribers. This comes around 50 percent of the FTTB/FTTH subscribers in Germany. BREKO carrier members are actively involved in the deployment of fiber-optic cable networks to reach directly the subscribers. BREKO’s report says the high-speed fiber-optic broadband connections given by its members will exceed 4.2 million within the next two years, that is by 2018.

The Bundesverband Breitbandkommunikation e. V. (BREKO) claims the majority of all landline competitors of Deutsche Telekom AG. The members of BREKO sell products based on proprietary infrastructure. In addition to telephone and internet services, the companies offer Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) and premium rate service.

BREKO was founded in 1999 as an organization for alternative local exchange carriers. The organization has more than 220 members as of now. BREKO carrier members consist of city and regional carriers as well as municipal utilities. These members are engaged in providing highly efficient optical fiber access to urban as well as rural areas in Germany. Rural areas are termed as “Blank spots by BREKO since carriers generally do not prefer to deploy fiber-optic access networks to such areas fearing low subscription rate.”

In 2014, BREKO carrier members have invested around 1.7 billion Euros and was able to generate a business volume of about 8 billion Euros. By doing this investment, the members have made a major contribution to the area-wide development of optical fiber networks. BREKO members are involved in realizing the German government’s plan to connect rural Germany with high-speed broadband networks. Activities by the members will encourage government policymakers to boost up the broadband deployment throughout Germany.

BREKO is a major driver in the promotion of an open access-network model that can increase the efficiency in broadband development considerably. The open access network model stimulates high-speed broadband deployment by giving chance to the new service providers and carriers who do not own the network, to enter in to the market with confidence. For subscribers, open access network model provides a wide choice of service providers as subscribers can switch between providers without the hassle of changing the network. It reduces the waiting time for subscribers to get new connections.

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