Board of Public Works Plans Fiber Optic Broadband


Board of Public Works, BPW, in the city of Holland in the Michigan State plans to build a municipal fiber optic broadband network to provide high-speed internet services directly to residential and business customers.

Board of public works is the public utility, which provides electric, water, and wastewater services in the country. The board will present a business plan for fiber Internet at a special joint meeting of the Holland City Council and the BPW’s Board of Directors this week.

The Holland City council and the Board of public works have scheduled a meeting tomorrow, 30th March to receive the report apart from discussing other businesses.

Holland is a city in the western region of the Lower Peninsula of the U.S. state of Michigan, which is situated near the eastern shore of Lake Michigan on Lake Macatawa, The city spans the Ottawa/Allegan county line, with 23.52 square kilometers in Ottawa and the remaining 21.06 square kilometers in Allegan.

City Council gives top priority to build fiber-optic networks this year. City Council believes that they have assembled an excellent analysis of the options for deploying fiber to the homes and businesses of Holland and the surrounding communities. Fiber optic infrastructure brings tremendous opportunities for entrepreneurial business development and educational advancement.

Columbia Telecommunications Corporation in Maryland was contracted by the BPW to prepare the report of deployment costs and financial projections.

For the past several months the Board of Public Works has been piloting the fiber optic internet at three buildings in downtown Holland – Lemonjello’s Coffee and the buildings that house Lokers Shoes and Butch’s Dry Dock.

Fiber Optic Internet provides the fastest broadband speeds available compared to other broadband technologies. Though there are several researches pointing to the limitation of optical fibers to carry data, fiber optic broadband is considered to be the next-generation technology.

The Board of Public Works owns and operates a fiber optic internet network that spans a 10-mile radius in parts of its service area, serving commercial customers from businesses to schools and governments. Last year the Board of Public Works could add 42 new customers.

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