AT&T Turns Richmond Industrial Park Fiber Ready


North American Telecom operator AT&T has deployed fiber optic infrastructure and made it ready for service in the Richmond Industrial Park. The presence of high-speed broadband services available through AT&T’s fiber optic cables will enable Richmond Industrial Park to attract more customers to establish their units. Fiber optic networks add value to the Park’s offer to the customers, which the authorities hope to leverage in the future. Representatives from AT&T, local leadership, and the Richmond Industrial Development Corporation had announced that the Richmond Industrial Park has been designated AT&T Fiber Ready.

During the function to mark the presence of fiber network services, the State Senator Jared Carpenter told, “Earlier this year, I was proud to hear that the Kentucky Department of Education, along with AT&T and other private providers across the state, had completed a best-in-the-nation network to our students – a network that relies on robust fiber-optic infrastructure that the private sector has deployed across all 120 counties in the Commonwealth. Today, we’re celebrating yet another example of the presence of this vital infrastructure, and I look forward to seeing how these services help to drive continued economic growth in the area.”

State Representative Rita Smart said, “It is very exciting to see the tangible benefits that come from private sector investments in the Commonwealth, and as we continue to cultivate a business-friendly regulatory environment in Kentucky, I am confident that we can look forward to many more announcements related to vital infrastructure investments in urban and rural communities alike,”

The AT&T Fiber Ready designation helps economic development leaders more effectively position their communities for site selection by emphasizing the availability of high-speed, fiber-based services. The availability of high-speed broadband networks is a game-changer for the Park and its community members. Though the fiber optic infrastructure has been deployed in the park for some time, AT&T activated the services so that the status changes to “Fiber Ready” (a term used by AT&T to indicate that the operator is ready to provide service). This Fiber Ready status obtained from AT&T enables the park to market its community to employers.

“As we try to bring new jobs to Richmond and Madison County, we are competing with communities across the Commonwealth, throughout the country, and around the globe. The ability to market the world-class communications infrastructure that we have here in the Richmond Industrial Park is incredibly valuable as we show employers that we have the resources to meet their business needs,” said Richmond Mayor Jim Barnes.

AT&T has been deploying high-speed, fiber-optic infrastructure across the Commonwealth for years, and the AT&T Fiber Ready designation is a tool for economic development leaders to highlight the assets available in their facilities.

AT&T has a long history of investment in Richmond and Madison County. Richmond Industrial Park is one of the many places across Kentucky where AT&T’s fiber infrastructure is in place and ready to help local businesses drive job creation. AT&T officials said, “Each and every day, our employees are turning our billions of dollars of investment into high-speed Internet for consumers and businesses across Kentucky, and it’s exciting for us to have the opportunity to provide yet another resource to our friends who are driving economic development in Richmond and Madison County.”

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