AT&T Offers U-verse in Charlotte and Mecklenburg County

AT& T has started offering broadband services branded as U-verse in Charlotte and Mecklenburg County bringing more options in high speed fiber optic broadband to the subscribers. The telecom service. Google and Time Warner fiber optic broadband services are available in the County. AT&T’s move will flare up the competition in the high speed broadband service market.

AT&T says their new broadband service, called U-verse with GigaPower, offers speeds up to 100 times faster than typical Internet services. The company estimates that some of the neighborhoods are yet to be eligible to receive their offer. U-verse allows subscribers to download 25 songs in one second, company says to indicate the speed of the internet service the company offers.

AT&T is rolling out the service ahead of competitors who are also rushing to provide faster speeds to customers using Internet connections for everything from streaming videos to playing games. Google has informed the city about their plans to start deployment of optical fiber network. Google subscribers may need to wait longer, such as 18 months to get the service. A Google Fiber spokeswoman said Monday that the company is working with the city to design its fiber network and expects to provide an update on construction in Charlotte soon. Time Warner Cable, also plans to provide faster Internet speeds and improved television services to local customers through a new “TWC Maxx” service starting this summer.

Residents and small businesses in the region and interested in AT&T’s 1 Gbps Internet service can check their eligibility online at AT&T’s U-verse is a form of Fiber to the home access technology, that requires optical fiber cable connection all the way from central telephone office to individual subscriber home. This entire fiber optic connectivity ensures seamless uninterrupted high speed high bandwidth services.

For neighborhoods eligible for U-verse service, fiber lines had already been laid between AT&T’s central office and neighborhood servers. Once the carrier updates those servers and install optical fiber cable to individual households or businesses, the Internet speed will be increased to Gigabits per seconds. AT&T will provide cables compatible with the fiber in the installation process if necessary, the company officials informed.

Earlier this year, AT&T had stated that it was hiring 100 full-time technicians in North Carolina, including 10 in Charlotte, to help develop the super-fast service. The service provider has been ramping up its preparations for the launch of its new network in the state recently. AT&T already started rolling out GigaPower in parts of the Triangle area in late 2014, including Raleigh and Chapel Hill, and has said it plans to launch the service in Durham and Greensboro, too. Estimated monthly cost of a gigabit connection from Google Fiber is at $70 and TV access for about $60 more.

U-verse price list is give below for reference;
▪ U-verse High Speed Internet Premier: Internet speeds up to 1 gigabit per second starting at about $70 a month
▪ U-verse High Speed Internet Premier plus TV: Internet speeds up to 1 gigabit per second and qualifying TV service starting at $120 a month
▪ U-verse High Speed Internet Premier plus TV and voice: Internet speeds up to 1 gigabit per second with qualifying TV service and unlimited U-verse voice starting at $150 a month


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