Airtel Expands Fiber Optic Networks in Ghana

Airtel_Ghana_expands_fiber_optic_networkCellular mobile service provider Airtel has expanded its fiber optic networks in Ghana. The current network expansion is aimed to provide enhanced user experience to its subscribers across Ghana. Fiber optic networks will provide high speed high bandwidth data delivery in the backbone for the mobile service provider that will give it an edge over its competitors.

The expansion will enable their customers experience superior network capability including speeds of up to 42 Megabits per second on compatible devices. Use of compatible devices has been in continuous rise in all over the world. Recent growth of telecommunication services in African nations have pushed the use of mobile/smart phones and similar compatible devices in the continent, attracting service providers from the Europe, Middle East and Indian sub continents.

Airtel is basically an Indian origin telecom service provider who is in direct competition with Reliance, Vodafone, BSNL etc. in India. Airtel could expand its business to African countries. In a release Airtel Ghana says the expansion and upgrade is to enable a more mobile lifestyle for customers who are continuously on the go – to watch video, access the Internet, connect to social media, do advanced transactions via Airtel Money and more.

With the continued growth of the network, people in more areas of Ghana will be able to take advantage of the speed andAirtel_Ghana_expands_fiber_optic_networks connectivity offered by the nation’s 2nd largest network. Fiber optic network only can handle huge volumes of traffic generated bu the use of devices by end users.

Airtel Ghana has continually tried to upgrade their networks to ensure quality improvements in the telecommunications industry in Ghana. With data being touted as the next frontier, the company has introduced exciting value added data services such as Browse Chaw and dual scratch card, which enables consumers to load either voice or data as well as the rolling over of data bundles which allows consumers to roll over their data before it expires.

Airtel Ghana customers can take advantage of the benefits of the increased speed from 21.6 Mbps to 42 Mbps on compatible devices that the Smart Phone Network brings to consumers, small businesses and enterprises. Fiber optic networks will speed up the video services on mobile devices, while providing seamless internet data and image services.

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