Afghanistan capital Kabul is now connected to Central Asia through Fiber optic cable

For years and probably for centuries Afghanistan has been cut out of the mainstream human achievements most recently due to the fundamentalist insurgency. Afghanistan’s strategist position is crucial for the country to play a leading role to connect Europe with South East Asia. Ever since the social turbulence started in Afghanistan, the rest of the world has been traveled a much longer path keeping the country a stand-alone point in history. Telecommunication is the one the fundamentalist groups may dislike as it will connect people of Afghanistan to the rest of the world.

Fiber optic networks and the related developments have been a dream far away for Afghanistan for many years. Many of the infrastructures built by the governments were destroyed by civil war and the occupation of Afghanistan by Western forces.

That was the past. Now under the guidance of the American military, the Afghanistan government has realized the importance of telecommunication through fiber optics and its impact on social and economic growth.

Recently Afghan minister for Communication announced that Afghanistan’s capital Kabul has been connected to the central Asian states with a fiber optic cable. Afghanistan, due to its proximity to Russia and other central Asian countries on one side and India, Pakistan China on another side could be a potential player for terrestrial fiber optic networking.
While inaugurating 8,000 optic fiber telephone lines in the northern Kunduz province, he said the project had linked Kabul with Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.

“With the completion of Optic Fiber project today Kabul is connected to Uzbekistan and Tajikistan,” Sangin told reporters. He added that Kabul would be connected with Pakistan through the fiber optic cable project within months.

Afghanistan’s population is approximately 25 million. Out of this 25 million, more than nine million have access to telephones


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