ADTRAN Conducts Trials for XGS-PON


ADTRAN says they have been conducting several trials to verify the capability to deliver 10Gbps broadband to subscribers. The 10Gbps broadband speed is the coming technological leap in the broadband market to clearly differentiate all-fiber services from copper-based broadband services. ITU-T had approved the standards and many telecom operators have started expressing their interest to study possibilities to deploy XGS-PON

ADTRAN is one of the leading providers of next-generation open networking solutions. A wide range of service providers from new market entrants to municipal/utility providers to international Tier 1 carriers are all currently evaluating Fiber-to-the-Premises (FTTP) services based on XGS-PON architecture. Led by ADTRAN, XGS-PON is an emerging ITU 10G PON standard that bridges the gap between today’s FTTH technologies and NG-PON2. The new technology is enabling network operators to achieve greater profitability with converged residential and expanded business services for the first time.

With a near-infinite demand in bandwidth from both business and residential customers, service providers must implement solutions that enable them to scale their current PON networks to meet expanding customer needs. XGS-PON, a new technology ADTRAN is developing that supports 10Gbps symmetric fixed wavelength PON over new or existing fiber infrastructure, meets service providers’ needs by doubling the useable life span of a fiber network regardless of the multi-Gigabit service rate delivered. Service providers can now support the capacity, reliability, and flexibility needed for premium business and mobile backhaul services, while also delivering the price points and scale required for mass-market residential applications. These revenue-generating applications and services are resulting in substantial economic growth within Gigabit communities around the world.

“Participating in ADTRAN’s XGS-PON trial was an opportunity we eagerly jumped at. XGS-PON is allowing us to exceed our customers’ bandwidth needs today while still proactively planning for future network build-outs and capabilities,” said Ben Lovins, senior vice president of, telecommunications division at Jackson Energy Authority. “The ability to deploy on our current fiber network while still using the same passive and active plants is allowing us to greatly improve the return on our existing fiber network investment. We have already begun to see the customer economic and business benefits of next-generation broadband services within our hospitals and school systems and look forward to enabling continued growth and development in our community.”

“ADTRAN is committed to accelerating the path to 10 Gigabit broadband with world-class solutions so service providers can have the maximum flexibility they need to deliver the services their customers are demanding today and in the future,” said Ryan McCowan, fiber access product manager for ADTRAN. “These trials are demonstrating new opportunities to converge residential Gigabit broadband and premium optical business services over a common 10Gbps access architecture. XGS-PON allows service providers to double the life of their current optical network investment while gaining a head start towards future network capabilities. ADTRAN is excited to lead the effort to develop this new 10G PON technology.

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