Abu Dhabi Will be the First City to be Connected Fully With Fiber to the Home

Etisalat (ETC), the telecom giant in Middle East Asia has announced its plan to make Abu Dhabi the world’s first fully fiber connected capital with Etisalat’s eLite. eLite is Etisalat’s brand for the advanced optical fiber communication network based on the fiber to the home (FTTH) technology.

Etisalat has confirmed that it has reached the final stage of completion of this project, which is scheduled to be completed at the beginning of the third quarter this year. Etisalat has covered several central offices and splitter points with optical fiber cables. With eLite connecting all the houses in Abu Dhabi, the city will become the world’s first 100% FTTH connected city. FTTH connections and network projects are going at a fast pace in other parts of UAE like Dubai and Sharjah too. Etisalat is the leading telecom provider in UAE.

Etisalat’s fiber to the Home (FTTH) based network is regarded as one of the most advanced fiber-optic technology globally for connecting homes. eLite provides high-speed broadband internet to the houses, opening up new areas of entertainment such as high definition video services with the highest quality and clarity. Video on demand, Online games etc are some of the other advantages coming through the fiber to the home. eLite is supposed to open innovative business ideas like e-education and online health check-ups.

Mr. Mohamed Khalfan Al Qamzi, CEO, Etisalat, commented “Etisalat is proud to make Abu Dhabi the first fully connected capital in the world. “eLite” is a significant technology leap for the country that will modernize the communications and telecom infrastructure and provide infinite entertainment options to the home users through its high-speed network. Based on the FTTH technology eLite has the enormous scope and potential in terms of capacity, speed and efficiency to accommodate the growing demand for bandwidth in the coming decades.”

This unique and innovative FTTH technology connects all the services through a single optical fiber, making it inexpensive reliable and far simpler than the traditional cable connectivity. The technology also has the ability to maintain large bandwidth optical transmissions through which end users can avail services to receive high-quality television services in addition to the access to high-speed internet. Data security enhancements on the network ensure information confidentiality with all the services being made available through a dedicated single fiber to each customer through a single service port.

Mr. Al Qamzi expressed optimism on the unlimited opportunities offered by “eLite” technology; “eLite” will bring about a paradigm shift in the communication sector, taking it to the unprecedented levels. With its high-speed internet offering speeds up to 100 Mbps, eLite will boost adoption of new age internet services like IPTV, Video on demand and online gaming, creating future smart homes. The platform will also widen the current internet gamut by opening unconventional yet significant internet avenues, in areas like e-education, online health check-ups with a three-dimensional view – voice, picture and data – video conferencing and remote infrastructure management.”

Etisalat announced that it has already connected more than 300,000 homes through eLite since 2008 and aims to connect the entire UAE by the end of 2011 by connecting more than 1.4 million homes and offices. This will give a new face to the UAE in the telecommunication technological advancement and give a big leap for the country’s future business interests.

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