A Second Fiber Optic Cable Factory in Azerbaijan?

Azerbaijan’s local newspaper Azer News reports a joint project for Fiber optic cable production in the country. Azerbaijan has one existing fiber optic cable producer, Sumqayit Technology Park (STP) in Industrial area of Sumqayit, which located near to the Caspian sea. The newspaper report says the new fiber optic cable company will be established in joint venture with an Austrian company.

The validity of the new is yet to be verified since details of the companies involved in agreement are also not disclosed by the newspaper. If the news is correct, this would be the second fiber optic cable manufacturing company in Azerbaijan. Domestic cable requirements in Azerbaijan have never been attractive for investors to start domestic fiber optic cable production. It was in 2013 that the Sumqayit Technology Park (STP) started its initiative for building a facility for fiber optic cable production. In 2014, STP started commercial production of fiber optic cables and is now aiming to supply to the domestic cable consumers such as Aztelekom, Bakutelekom etc. Manufacturing machines to STP was supplied by Nextrom/Rosendahl.

Newspaper reporters who are not deeply familiar with the terms used in fiber optic often get confused by the terminology used in the industry. For example, Outside Plant is a terminology used to denote outside cable deployment field when constructing a cable network. The word “Plant” is generally used to denote a manufacturing facility by those associated with the manufacturing of fiber optic cable. Any news that says “New fiber optic cable plant” can be easily mistaken for 1.) New manufacturing facility for fiber optic cable and 2.) New fiber optic cable outside plant.

If the news is true, the parties involved in the business for opening new cable plant are in talk about the project. The Azerbaijan Communications and High Technologies Ministry said a similar project on construction of fiber-optic cable production has been realized in Austria. The next stage of project is continued within the principle of“Compliance of realization of the idea”. The Azerbaijani and Austrian companies jointly work on the project.

The Azer News reports that both Azerbaijan and Austria had signed relevant memorandum in 2011 on establishment of a joint venture for the production of fiber optic communication lines with Austria. The Working Group experts have met several times to specify parameters of the project.

The above report indicates a fiber optic communication line, not a manufacturing plant. The news about new cable factory in Azerbaijan needs to be checked for accuracy and reliability of information. Anyway, it is interesting.

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