STN Gets Approval to Build Fiber Optic Network in Yates


Southern Tier Network (STN) will build an open-access fiber optic network for Yates County. The county Legislature had approved entering into an agreement with the company to build the network. The decision came in a special session of the legislature, following more than an hour and a half of executive session. The measure was passed unanimously by the legislators in attendance.

Southern Tier Network is a not-for-profit, local development corporation (LDC) established to own, build and manage a $12.2 million regional fiber optic backbone that will enable access to the highest speed broadband connectivity available in Chemung, Schuyler, and Steuben Counties.  Articles of Incorporation for Southern Tier Network have been filed with New York State, and a board of directors is in place, comprised of representatives from the three counties and other community stakeholders.

Yates County is a county located in the U.S. state of New York. The population is just over 25,000, making it the third-least populous county in New York. The county seat is Penn Yan. The name is in honor of Joseph C. Yates, who as Governor of New York signed the act establishing the county.

Southern Tier Network (STN) would construct, own, operate, manage and market the network using rights-of-way, facilities, aerial attachments, underground conduits, poles, and towers of various utilities, railroads, and government entities. The county would receive an indefeasible right to use 12 fibers of the network’s unused fiber for the county’s exclusive internal use.

Yates county does not guarantee profits to STN. On the other hand, the county will be making a limited number of payments to STN for operating fees. Since building a fiber optic open access network is a public infrastructure building, the government authorities should involve. Adding private enterprises will have every opportunity to compete with or take advantage of the fiber.

Construction on the fiber optic network will begin soon once the agreements are officially signed and put in place. The optical fiber network is intended to allow Internet providers in the network to bring their services to area businesses. This is an open-access network, where the network is owned by an entity and several service providers can utilize the infrastructure to deliver their services to the subscribers.

Open access networks provide flexibility and greater freedom to the end-users. Subscribers can switch between service providers if they are not satisfied with services. Since the network can be shared between service providers, it reduces the carbon print by reducing the number of cables installed. Optical fibers have an enormous capacity to transmit data. Hence the vast potential of optical fibers can be utilized effectively in Open access network.

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