PCCW-HKT Grabs Best Broadband Carrier Award


Hong Kong’s incumbent broadband service provider PCCW-HKT has won the Best Broadband Carrier award in 2015. Last year the award was won by its rival Hong Kong Broadband Network this year. PCCW-HKT’s revenue has also gone up by 3 percent in 2014 compared to the previous year. HKT’s revenue in 2014 was USD 2.57 billion. The service provider credits greater bandwidth, infrastructure investment, and even interior décor savvy that helped them to score the award.

HKT says it has learned from the past years of providing fiber optic broadband services to its subscribers that many of its customers have expensive interior decorations in their homes. In an attempt to woo subscribers HKT worked closely with the civil architects, interior designers, and decorators to make sure the customer premise equipment is installed matching their interior design.

In most of the fiber to the home installations, the installation crew from the broadband service provider usually care about the technical aspects of installation such as a number of bends, minimum bending radius, etc. In order to save the sensitive fiber optic cables, installation staff may need to install the cable and customer premise equipment in a way that may look awkward to the interior. Most of the subscribers would be unhappy with this approach, but keep quiet as it is a technical matter upon which most of them would be ignorant. This approach distracts many customers.

HKT staff worked closely with end users to install customer premise equipment and cables that suit the interior design. HKT officials say that the level of their experience is the product of HKT’s continuous investment in broadband technology. HKT has taken an aggressive approach to Fiber To The Building deployment over the last ten years. HKT could reach almost 85% of all buildings in Hong Kong with optical fiber cables. Now their aim is to connect those buildings with optical fiber cables to make them ready for FTTH.

HKT has over 530,000 FTTH customers, representing about one-third of its residential broadband base, and has the ability to install FTTH on demand to over 80% of homes in Hong Kong. HKT announced plans to roll out a 10 Gbps fiber optic broadband service for residential and commercial customers in February this year.

The telco plans to offer the FTTH services to all premises where its cables are already installed. HKT has rolled out vectored VDSL technology to subscribers where its fiber optic cables are yet to be installed. In such cases, ADSL was the option, but HIKT could upgrade those subscribers to higher speeds using VDSL technology.

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