MESC Opens Fire Performance Testing Facility in UAE Factory

Middle East Specialized Cables (MESC), a Saudi Arabia based cable and wire manufacturer engaged on optical fiber cable production as well apart from specialized cables such as instrumentation cables has opened a testing laboratory dedicated for conducting fire performance tests on cables. The new lab is opened at their UAE factory.

MESC is one of the pioneer in Instrumentation and Special Cables manufacturer in the Middle East. The facility was formally inaugurated in January 2016 by the MESC Group Chairman, Eng. Abdulaziz AlNamlah, in the presence of the MESC management team and visiting dignitaries.

Fire performance tests are mandatory for cables used in Oil and Gas industry. Cables intended for use in Oil fields and related area need to pass various performance tests as per international standards such IEC, NFPA, UL etc. Optical fiber cables used in such areas and also for indoor wiring need to go through various stringent tests in order to be recommended for use. Fire performance characteristics are achieved by using special materials in cables that are capable of protecting the conductors from heat and fire.

The new fire testing facility is an upgrade of MESC’s existing UAE factory capabilities and is one of the most modern test laboratories in the world. The new facility allows MESC to conduct rigorous and comprehensive validation of a cable’s resistance to fire and propagation in accordance with various international standards.

The tests that can be performed in the new facility include Circuit Integrity, resistance to vertical fire propagation, acid gas emissions, oxygen index, and smoke density.

Commenting on the launch if their latest facility, Group Chairman, Eng. Abdulaziz AlNamlah said “The safety of tenants and visitors is a matter utmost importance within a building. It is imperative that an effective and robust fire safety system is put in place to prevent the spread of a fire. It is essential that the alarms, emergency lighting, and safety systems continue to function during the fire. At MESC we have manufacturing and testing of cables at par with international standards thereby reducing the chances of mishap during a fire immensely.”
MESC fire performance cables are independently certified by Underwriters Laboratories, LPCB, and various other leading standards organisations. MESC is also working closely with the Emirates Authority for Standardization and Metrology (ESMA), and UAE Civil Defence authorities to eliminate substandard cables within the UAE that are often the cause of fire breaking out.

Utlized since the early 1990s within the oil and gas industry, Middle East Specialized Cables (MESC) product range includes various levels of fire-resistant and fire performance cables. .The products are designed to ensure that fire does not spread within the cable in a building or industrial facility. The design incorporates features to ensure that they generate very little smoke or acid gas, thus allowing people to escape a fire and minimise the damage to property and equipment. MESC cables are therefore well-suited for large public buildings, allowing evacuation to be carried out in an organized manner in case of a fire-related emergency.


Author: Prakash

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