Tamilnadu Tops the List of Broadband Connections in India


The southern state of Tamilnadu tops the list of states with the highest number of broadband subscribers in India, the latest report on broadband status in different states of India by the Telecom regulatory authority, TRAI says. Tamilnadu has 12 million broadband subscribers. India has seen a surge in broadband subscriptions recently, which the central government plans to accelerate by implementing BharatNet projects throughout the nation.

TRAI report says the country had 120.88 million wireless and wireline broadband connections during the three months ending September 2015, which the authority estimates is an increase of 11 % over the last quarter. Broadband deployments in a country like India have much scope and potential in the coming years. Though the government plans to deploy broadband networks throughout the country in a short time, in practical, it may take many more years to realize the actual deployment of the broadband to the households and businesses.

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Much of the growth in broadband is coming from the urban parts of India. Between July and September 2015, total broadband connections in urban India grew by 10% and by 8.7% in rural areas.

Even as broadband expands its reach in the country, the number of narrowband connections are near twice the number of broadband connections. India defines narrowband as internet connections with download speeds less than 512 kbps while the connections with download speeds faster than 512 kbps are classified as broadband.

Delhi had the highest number of broadband connections in urban areas with 10.09 million followed by Tamil Nadu with 9.15 million connections and Maharashtra (excluding Mumbai) with 7.94 million connections.

Overall, Tamil Nadu has the highest number of broadband connections in the country with 12.02 million connections. Maharastra is at the second spot with 11.36 million connections followed by Delhi with 10.60 million connections.

Broadband connections in hilly states such as Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, and the North East are still very low with a total of just 4.58 million connections.

Maharashtra added the highest number of broadband connections in rural as well as urban areas with 0.64 million connections and 0.75 million connections between July and September 2015. In urban areas, Maharashtra also topped the list adding during the same time period.

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