PLDT Philcom acquires MKTC

Major shares of one of the major telecommunication service providers of Southern Philippines, MKTC (Metro Kidapawan Telephone Corporation) has been acquired by one of the units of PLDT in Philippines. PLDT Philcom Inc is the unit of PLDT that has acquired 75 percent of the fixed line business of MKTC in Mindanao.

MKTC is also known as Metro Phone. PLDT officials said in a statement that the acquisition of MKTC shares will enable PLDT to serve more subscribers in Mindanao. The acquisition makes PLDT Philcom the largest fixed line service provider in Mindanao region.

Mindanao is the second largest and southernmost major island in the Philippines. It is also the name of one of the three island groups in the country (the other two being Luzon and the Visayas), consisting of the island of Mindanao and smaller outlying islands. Davao City is the largest city in Mindanao. Mindanao has a population of more than 20,300,000 people.

PLDT Philcom is the biggest local exchange carrier operating in Mindanao while Metro Phone is currently serving not just subscribers in Kidapawan City but also in three other municipalities in the province of North Cotabato.

PLDT has invested in building fiber optic networks throughout Philippines that includes submarine fiber optic cables to connect islands in Mindanao and other regions. PLDT has also been actively deploying high band width services in the island nation.

The acquisition will make PLDT more responsible to serve directly to the subscribers in the region. PLDT officials said the company will support the region’s growth and other provinces in southern Mindanao through services that are backed by PLDT’s expansive network.

With an extensive fiber optic network, the PLDT Group remains unmatched in delivering high-quality voice, data, multimedia, and digital services to its customers. The addition of MKTC’s businesses will make it more powerful in the region.

PLDT had invested more than 34.8 billion pesos in capital expenditures in 2014 as it expanded its fiber network to nearly 100,000 kilometers, making it the most extensive, robust and resilient network in the country. Fiber optic networks are necessary for reliable broadband services that could simultaneously deliver voice, video, and data services at high speeds.


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