Development Engineer Job in Hickory, North Carolina

Development Engineer Job at Corning facility in Hickory, North Carolina

Summary: The successful candidate will be responsible for the development of new processes and products using UV-curable materials. Specific knowledge of the use of these materials in fiber optic processes would be helpful, although not required. The candidate is expected to apply expertise in materials science, chemistry, and/or chemical engineering to support new product and process development activities.

The candidate will perform material selection, establish tooling design requirements, and develop machine set points for ideal manufacturing conditions. The candidate may collaborate on mechanical design modifications needed to support new products and processes. It is also anticipated that the candidate will serve as a subject matter expertise for ad-hoc teams that may be formed to solve specific problems that arise with the processing or performance of UV-curable materials.

Day to Day Responsibilities:

  • Participate in project teams, developing new products and processes
  • Conduct research, propose experiments, and analyze data to test hypotheses to enhance understanding of products and processes and to provide Corning with inventive solutions toward new development efforts
  • Identify and investigate new UV-curable materials for cost reductions and new products
  • Balance hands-on work-related activities with technical leadership related activities
  • Collaborate with research and manufacturing functions throughout the product development cycle
  • Guide test technicians to develop new test methods
  • Communicate and document results in technical reports and presentations
  • Maintain strong interaction with polymer personnel located in the US, Germany, and Poland
  • Assist and/or lead product development projects (globally) to accomplish design and cost reduction goals
  • Interface with suppliers and procurement to test and evaluate new materials, analytical equipment, and services.
  • Work with suppliers to resolve problems with materials as well as maintain relationships with suppliers to stay abreast of new material availability.

Education and Experience (Minimum required for consideration)

  • MS in Materials Science, Chemical Engineering, or equivalent degree.
  • Ph.D. is desirable.
  • 5 years’ professional experience with industrial processes using UV-curable materials.

Desired Skills (These are skills that candidates MAY possess)

  • Experience in computer-aided design for mechanical drawings.
  • Experience with rigorous project management.

Required Skills (These are skills that candidates MUST possess)

  • Familiarity with UV Materials and curing mechanisms.
  • Knowledge of Material Characterization techniques.
  • Ability to perform statistical analysis to interpret experimental results.
  • Individuals must be capable of executing project assignments in a team-based environment with minimal supervision.
  • Solid written and verbal skills, with experience with Microsoft Office tools.

Soft Skills (Communication/Team/Leadership)

  • Good communication/presentation skills at multiple levels including teams/management/customers.
  • Good facilitation and collaboration skills to enable ambiguous evaluations.
  • A bias towards action: results-driven and detail-oriented.
  • Good interpersonal and relationship-building skills.
  • Able to work on multiple projects at one time.

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