Technical Leader Job in Heifei, China

Technical Leader Job in Heifei, China

– Purpose of the Position

-Scope out, conceptualize, source, customize, integrate, install and start-up automotive glass cutting, grinding, polishing, cleaning, AOI, and handling processes on commercially available technology, equipment, and automation – work closely with internal technical teams, product engineering, reliability, and operations to develop and improve process capabilities for automotive interior and glazing products and then transfer these capabilities to manufacturing for mass production

– Lead the process development of glass cutting, grinding, polishing, cleaning, and handling

– Develop expertise and critical mass in glass cutting, grinding, polishing, and handling

– Provide engineering guidance and leadership to the product & process development and manufacturing teams to improve overall glass sheet/parts quality, increase line speeds and reduce costs

– Use experience, skills, and creativity to conceptualize automated glass finishing and handling technology to optimize process capability and innovate in a manufacturing environment

– Develop a strong fundamental understanding in glass finishing and automated handling

– Provide technical leadership during technology introductions, transfers, start-up’s and qualifications

– Make data-driven improvements to existing processes, consumables, equipment, measurements, inspection, and systems

– Facilitate and lead teams to problem solve in a scientific, methodical, systematic, and data-driven manner

– Build knowledge of the industry-leading process, equipment, measurements, automation, and systems to sustain a world-class center-of-excellence in glass finishing, and handling

– Source, test, analyze and qualify new materials, technology, and vendors for glass finishing and handling

– have broad technical skills and experience as well as strong interpersonal skills to work with people of diverse cultural and technical background in worldwide locations of Corning and our customers

– champion safety from design through construction, start-up to handover of new processes to operations

– Leverage 3D CAD, analytical tools, simulation, and modeling to foresee and mitigate risks

– Supervise, coach, and develop team members for personal growth and performance

– Day to Day Responsibilities

– Interface with development, engineering, plant, and suppliers to develop and lead trials and qualifications of new products, processes, technology, and equipment to improve finishing, cleaning & handling operations.

– Provide technical leadership and subject matter expertise in glass cutting, grinding, polishing, and handling

– Lead technology assessments of glass finishing and glass handling concepts based on scientific principles and knowhow in cutting, grinding, polishing, automation, metrology, and cleaning

– Apply the fundamentals and engineering principles to eliminate glass defects and reduce cost

– Design tests, experiments, FAT, SAT, process development, qualification with DOE for a new process, materials, equipment, and measurements

– Design and implement process experiments; document and present results to leadership

– Engage in manufacturing process development work including experiment planning, data analysis & reporting results

– Collaborate with Development in advancing fundamental understanding & evaluating new process and/or product ideas

– Lead scale-up and transfer of feasible technologies to manufacturing

– Manage cross-functional teams with project management methodologies and best practices – Interact with Development, Product Engineering, and Manufacturing to determine product and process requirements

– Identify low-cost manufacturing opportunities that maintain the specified quality level

– Assess and qualify contract manufacturing for capacity, specialized process capabilities, and speed to market

– Automate manual processes and glass handling

– Collect requirements and VOC to develop the scope of work, project plan, schedule, budget, and resource plan

– Support design for manufacturing (DFM) analysis

– Estimate budget, capacity, utilization, and consult for new product introductions

– Evaluate part designs and determine the most cost-effective equipment and process design relative to manufacturing efficiency, material utilization, process latitude, uptime, and ease of maintenance

– Ensure that equipment, consumables, and tooling meet targets for a lifetime, cost, and cycle time

– Support equipment design and development from concept, fabrication to a final qualification

– Analyze equipment concept designs presented by suppliers before fabrication and provide feedback from experience to enhance function, safety, repeatability, economic operation, and ease of maintenance

– Develop, coach, and mentor individual team members

– Communicate with colleagues and leadership up the chain of command

– Present ideas, plans, project status & opinions in writing and orally with visual aids

– Influence key decision-makers and stakeholders via suitable media or channels for success

– Drive for decision-making by facilitating the process with decision-makers, stakeholders, and peers

– Work on design and analysis of first or next-generation products, process, machines, fixture, and machine components for robust design through design and material selection/analysis

– Facilitate the design of manufacturing process and equipment layout, fixtures, jigs, carts, and manual assists (generic and customized solutions)

– Engineer and monitor production process and equipment for safety, quality, reliability, capacity, efficiency, flexibility, ergonomics, maintenance, and ROIC

– Identify low-hanging fruits, prioritize opportunities, capture quick-wins, and share remaining opportunities

– Leverage vendors to industrialize, fabricate, install and replicate prototypes, pilot or production equipment

– Plan, coordinate and execute site preparation, equipment move-in, installation, hook-up, power-on, check-out, testing, and start-up by interfacing with suppliers, development, manufacturing, facility, technicians, and trades professionals to get systems set-up and qualified for transfer to operations

– Document meetings, design reviews, site activities, progress, results, assignments, technical understanding, vendor assessment, equipment check-out, on-site installations, engineering changes, performance improvements, trial & experiment results, innovations, and intellectual assets

– Share experience & lessons learned, cross-train, coach, guide, develop and support peers.

– Investigate prior art and document any potential intellectual asset developed

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