Asia Technology Center Application Scientist for Corning

World-leading optical solutions provider, Corning Inc is looking for an Application Scientist for their Asia Technology Center located in Shenzhen, China.

Purpose of the Position: To expand team capability on training and project-based R&D program.

Day to Day Responsibilities 
1, The person filling this position is expected to perform work independently, and have the capability of collaboration with peers in multidiscipline programs and project teams.

2, The scientist is responsible for carrying out experiments with high complexity. The person filling the position is responsible for generating testable hypotheses based on the special customer requirement, developing test plans, performing studies, analyzing results, and submitting reports in a scheduled time.

3, The scientist is responsible for providing product and technology training for both local customers and oversea customers. ” – Project involved with –

Education and Experience 
1, Master degree or above, Ph.D. is preferred
2, Major in cell biology and related subjects
3,3 years’ work experience for a Master degree at least
4, Have global company lab work experience is preferred  Large scale cell culture, such as a large scale of adherent/suspension cell culture in cell factory or Bioreactor experience is preferred  Cell therapy-related experience (CAR-T or MSC ) is preferred  Viral production (AAV/Lentivirus/Vaccine) related experience is preferred
5, Media development work experience is preferred
6, FACs analysis experience is preferred ”

Required Skills 
1, Rich cell culture experience is necessary
2, Be able to generate testable hypotheses based research questions and customer applications
3, Be able to develop a research plan, experiment design, and detailed protocol or research models
4, Be able to convert preliminary models and set up a new assay platform
5, Be able to perform a scientific presentation in Chinese and English fluently
6, Good communication and coordination skills
7, Fluent in Chinese and English speaking and writing
8, Good personalities: patient and easy-going
9, Capability of working on multiple projects
10, Be good in MS Office  English over Level 6
11, Cell culture background is necessary
12, Large scale of cell culture, such as adherent or suspension cell culture with Bioreactor
13, Cell therapy-related experience (CAR-T or MSC ) is preferred
14, Viral production (AAV/Lentivirus/Vaccine) related experience is preferred
15, FACs analysis experience is preferred
16, Training experience, both in Chinese and English, is preferred

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