5G Rollout Creates Jobs in the UK

Ericsson in a press release announced that its 5G rollouts in the United Kingdom will create up to 800 jobs by 2022. Ericsson takes a leading role in accelerating the UK’s deployment of 5G and delivering the next generation of connectivity and will thereby create jobs in the UK.

  • Jobs in build engineering, project management, and field operations to be supported as Ericsson begins UK plan to upgrade 20,000 network sites and accelerate 5G deployment
  • New 5G Centre of Excellence will deliver an increase in engineering skills and capacity in response to the growing demand for Ericsson’s leading products and services from all four major mobile network operators
  • Matt Warman, Government Minister for Digital Infrastructure, welcomes acceleration in network delivery and the creation of new jobs to support the UK’s 5G vision

With agreements in place to deploy 5G and enhance network coverage and capacity for all four major UK mobile network operators, Ericsson’s 5G network rollout plan for the UK will generate 800 direct and indirect jobs in the UK. The job growth will boost Ericsson’s local delivery capabilities as part of a commitment to upgrade over a third of the total number of mobile network sites in the UK.

telecommunication jobsThe recruitment will include around 250 roles hired directly by Ericsson, with the remaining jobs to be delivered through Ericsson’s field and resource partners. Roles in build engineering, project management, and field operations will provide an increase in Ericsson’s local network delivery capabilities and help to meet the UK government’s connectivity targets.

A new 5G Centre of Excellence, which will open at Ericsson’s offices in Coventry by the end of 2020, will also help boost the UK’s 5G deployment capacity as a leading hub for the design, integration, and commissioning of mobile network sites in the UK. The training facility will provide engineers and field service professionals with access to the latest 5G technology and build vital skills to accelerate the transformation of the UK’s digital infrastructure.

Ericsson’s leading role in 5G deployment comes at a crucial time for the UK and its economy, where COVID-19 has driven greater demand for connectivity and highlighted the need for infrastructure investment and wide-scale digitalization. A new report from Analysys Mason, commissioned by Ericsson and Qualcomm, rates the UK’s current 5G rollout as ‘average’ among European countries but estimates that £14.8 billion in additional economic growth could be realized if it can seize the full potential of 5G networks in key business and industry sectors.

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