Telecom Project Manager in San Diego


San Diego, California, United States of America
Full Time
Position: Infrastructure/Telecom Project Manager
Location: San Diego, CA, 92127

Selected candidate will be managing a large and complex infrastructure project. It will require a very seasoned project manager with significant experience in large telecom type projects.

Responsible for managing multiple teams that will design and deploy an microwave/MPLS environment whose goal is to transform the current substation environments from TDM to IP.

The candidate will need to ensure tight communications with both our substation engineering teams as well as our IT Infrastructure organizations.
Prepare business case, create and execute project work plans, identify resources needed and assign individual responsibilities. Enforce the IT project standards, minimize exposure and risk on projects, and ensure project documents are complete, current, and stored appropriately.

Track and report team hours and expenses on a weekly basis. Manage project budget. Review and monitor charges to the project and follow up on discrepancies.

Highly skilled project manager with 10+ years of experience running complex infrastructure projects.
Looking for someone who has experience running microwave/MPLS deployments.
A candidate with a BS or MS in electrical engineering is highly desirable given this project will be deploying systems within our substation environments.
PMP current certification is also required.

Requires skills in conceptualizing, documenting, and & quot-selling & solutions to senior management.
Strong customer focus and ability to manage client expectations.
Ability to develop and deliver projects using solid project management skills, with the ability to multitask and manage large projects in a cross-functional setting.

Strong teamwork and interpersonal skills in setting and managing client expectations.
Exceptional verbal and written communication skills.

Desired Qualifications:
Candidate should have a basic knowledge of electrical engineering principles with infrastructure project experience deploying communications in transmission substations.
Experience with microwave projects.
Experience with large scale MPLS projects.

Experience with fiber optic projects.
San Diego, California, United States of America
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