Telecom Network Consultant in Saudi Arabia

Skill: Telecom Network Consultant
Level: Consultant
Location: Riyadh

Job Description:
We are looking for Network Consultants, technological professionals able to support Telecommunications Operators and Service Providers in designing, implementing, and maintaining efficient Mobile, Fixed and ICT Networks and Services.

Network Consultants background shall include experience and skills on Network Transformation projects, focused on the enhancement of existing Networks and Services aimed at improving the Customer Experience.

The Network Consultants shall be proficient on Network & Service Architectures of Mobile Voice and Data, Fixed Broadband and ICT.

Must have skills:
Network Transformation Project & Program Management
Network Processes (Planning, Creation, Engineering, Maintenance & Operations)
Network Performance Optimization
Network Planning
Network Technology Strategy
Network Architecture
Network Operations
Network Cost Reduction
Network Virtualization
Network Vendor Management & Consolidation

Good to have skills:
Network Integration
Network Technology Detailed Design
Network Project Deployment
Network Analytics

On the following Network & Services:
Mobile 3G and 4G Voice and Data
Fixed Broadband (FTTH)
Unified Communications
Voice, Data, Video & Web Collaboration
Network Consultants shall be able to cover one or more of the following roles:

Network Technology Strategy
Network Technology Strategy Consultants develop network strategies integrated with business plan to drive business forward in the most efficient and cost-effective way. It includes the review of existing ICT approach, develop a custom strategy for an entire organization or business unit, or develop a response to address a specific issue.

Network Architecture
Network Solution architects and designers help to integrate new technologies and simplify the architecture of large, complex multi-site environments. It includes review or validation of an existing or proposed architecture, develop a new strategy for organization or business unit, or analyze and compare various architectural solutions for a new business need.

Network Integration
Network Integration Consultants will determine the value of integrating legacy assets with new technologies, prioritize key components to integrate, highlight issues and demonstrate the best approach to minimize risk. It includes support services to help client in gaining maximum performance from a new integration, or assessment of a recent integration to see if additional benefits could be achieved.

Network Technology Detailed Designing
Network Technology Detailed Designers provide low-level conceptual design documentation outlining technical solutions, alternatives and an estimate for each of the options proposed. Once selected the preferred options, it will be provided a detailed design documentation outlining solution implementation.

Network Project Deployment
Program and Project Management team for end-to-end project delivery in line with industry-standard methodologies to support the successful implementation and integration of solutions. It combines different delivery approaches across multiple projects to achieve desired business objectives, and work to deliver projects on time, on budget and within scope.

Network Analytics
Network Analytics Consultants will drive the development of Network Analytics solutions for insightful decisions and actions to deliver business outcomes, based on the extensive use of network data, statistical and quantitative analysis, explanatory and predictive models, enhancing current powerful network with real-time measurements, data correlation and prediction, customer specific profile and behavior, location-based information, and more comprehensive Service Models which allows proactive operations, bridging network and customers.

Required Qualifications:
6+ years’ experience with telecom network technology.
Previous consulting or client service delivery experience
Familiarity with IT infrastructure business cases and budgeting
Business analysis experience including activities such as: process design, business case development, release management or change management.

Educational qualifications: Bachelor’s degree.

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