Senior Telecom Network Engineer in Denver

Job description

Primary responsibilities include but, are not limited to, the engineering, upgrade, technical oversight, and support for network infrastructure optical and electrical WAN transport networks including the Fiber, Data, and TDM network infrastructures, equipment, and services.

  • Develop and maintains the planning and design document, one to ten year plan, for the optical, Data, and electrical wide area transport network for the designated OPCo territory.
  • Network planning and design including network protection schemes, network synchronization, and bandwidth availability and utilization.
  • Capacity planning and management of available and utilized bandwidth on the fiber, Data, and TDM networks.
  • Planning, selection, upgrade, and evaluation of the networking equipment used in the fiber, Data, and TDM networks.
  • Research and investigation of new fiber, Data, and TDM network elements and features.
  • Network performance analysis and management.
  • Network synchronization design, upgrade, and maintenance.
  • Provide Tier 3 technical support for diagnosing and resolving fiber, Data, TDM and equipment issues.
  • Develop and maintain technical documentation and database information for the fiber, Data, and TDM networks and circuits.
  • Schedule detail quarterly review of the planning document with direct manager, engineering peers and other key organizations.

Examples of Expected Deliverables

  • Network planning and design documents
  • Capacity planning reports
  • Evaluation and accuracy of existing network documentation
  • Network performance analysis documentation
  • Develop technical documentation

Location: Denver, Colorado

Job type: Contract

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