Mobily Supports Nationalization of Telecom Jobs in Saudi Arabia


While the expatriates working in the telecom sectors in Saudi Arabia is concerned about the nationalization of jobs to the locals, the second largest telecom operator, Mobily said they will reserve the jobs to the nationals following the instructions from the labor ministry. The Arab News today reported that the Mobily officials are in support of the Saudi Government’s strategy to nationalize the jobs in the telecom sector as part of Vision 2030.

Mr. Ahmad Farroukh, CEO of Etihad Etisalat (Mobily), Farroukh said: “Mobily is proud to be part of this important strategic vision since it is one of the national organizations and will keep pace with the requirements of economic plans and harness its infrastructure and services to support the goals of Vision 2030.”

Mobily is second largest telecom operator in Saudi Arabia and has the largest data center infrastructure in the region. Mobily also delivers high-speed broadband services over its fiber-optic networks in the Kingdom, covering more than one million users. Mobily delivers high-speed broadband through its Fiber To The Home network.

Mobily’s CEO clarifies: “The company is totally interested in Saudi calibers and provides them with the best possible support by launching development programs that are consistent with the requirements of the global telecom market.”

The CEO also stressed that the keenness of Saudi Vision 2030 to nationalize jobs is one of the most important reasons for Saudi HR development, and this is the case in Mobily, which has been recruiting outstanding national competencies in the field.

Mobily’s CEO added: “Saudi Vision 2030 will have a positive impact on both the governmental and private sectors; it aims to stimulate the efficiency of the investment ecosystem.”

Mobily was in the news for its financial troubles recently, which forced the operator to put a hold on its investments in network infrastructure development. Mobily reported a net loss of around 293 million US dollars for the first nine months of 2015, compared to a net profit of SAR 533 million in the same period last year on lower revenues, increased Murabaha payments, and higher general and administrative expenses.

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