Application Engineer for Optical Fiber and Cable Products


Corning is looking for application engineer for its optical fiber and cable products business in NY, Charlotte, NC, or Wilmington, NC

Job Description:

This role relates to the technical support activity for Corning® optical fiber product sales to existing or potential customers. The technical support activity will help securing profitable business opportunities with new and existing customers, to maintain and increase market access of Corning’s optical fiber products with end users and cable/fiber sub-assembly manufacturers.Responsibilities include; responding to technical enquiries, all aspects of optical fiber usage, product promotion, resolution of product specification or quality-related customer concerns, writing test reports, white papers and application notes. The role will be responsible for providing technical support to purchasers of Corning’s optical fiber products.


This position location will be in Corning, NY, Charlotte, NC, or Wilmington, NC

Education and Experiences:

Bachelors degree in Physical Sciences, Mathematics or Engineering
Minimum of 1-2 years post-degree industrial experience in a technical or engineering role

Experience or training in Optoelectronics, Optical fiber, Optical Cables, Photonics or Telecommunication Networks

Prior technical/commercial interface experience within a technology company or the telecommunications industry

Travel Requirement:

Up to 25%

Key Responsibilities:

-Investigate and resolve technical problems or concerns reported by customers when processing or deploying optical fiber, including site visits as required.
-Provide a technical information service to customers. This includes writing general product literature made available to all customers, writing and presenting reports for specific customers on particular aspects of interest or concern, and identifying and distributing previously written materials as appropriate.
-Promote Corning’s optical fiber products and services to potential and existing customers and end-users to differentiate Corning in the market place and secure new or extend existing selling opportunities.
-Represent the “voice of the customer” for projects to develop new products and implement product changes.
-Support existing customers with issues related to fiber technology, specifications, qualification, and/or a variety of fiber supply and fiber usage issues.
-Make customer presentations to support and promote Corning’s Optical Fiber products and product initiatives, educate customers and keep them up-to-date on new products and innovations.
-Understand the telecom industry and competitive environment that Corning operates in.
-Use technical and industry knowledge to help in customer technical response negotiations.
-Leverage the capability of the organization in providing solutions to difficult technical issues associated with specific projects to external customers.
-Navigate Corning’s systems (commercial, quality, technical/product) to develop responses and solutions to address both technical and supply issues.
-Prioritize and respond to technical enquiries and requests for product information, technical data or information about product performance or quality, from current and prospective customers.
-Manage product returns and quality assurance investigations of customer samples to maintain high customer satisfaction outcomes.
-Respond to customer material specifications and determine the controls necessary to ensure that agreed supply specifications are fully satisfied.
-Explain and negotiate changes to specifications and concessions as necessary.
-Visit existing and prospective customers to provide technical support and product promotional presentations as required.
-Explain value and benefits of Corning optical fiber products to customers, potential new customers and end-users.
-Communicate and facilitate the introduction and timely qualification of new products and product changes to customers, through managed sampling and testing activities.
-Author generic technical information documents e.g. Product Compliance Reports, White Papers, Application Notes etc.
-Author and present technical papers for customer seminars, conferences and journals.

Required Skills:

Fluent in English, oral & written
Able to travel extensively and at short notice
Eligible to live and work in the USA

Desired Skills:

Work Ethic – Methodical, data driven, rational, attention to detail, self-starter
Values – Integrity, Respect for individuals
Personality – team oriented, resolute, composed and calm under pressure, at ease working with people at all levels of management, personable and able to build relationships
Engineering specific – Technically astute, problem solving capability, strong written and verbal skills, confident presenter
Intellect – Competent understanding of a broad range of optical communication subjects, acquire knowledge quickly, numerate and data rational, able to learn and work collaboratively and individually, ability to hit deadlines in the face of multiple demands

This position does not support immigration sponsorship.

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