High-density MPO/MTP Cabling Assemblies in Data Centers 1

High-density MPO/MTP Cabling Assemblies in Data Centers

Along with the advent and heavy use of big data and cloud computing, the demand for high-speed transmission and great data capacity is growing more vigorously than ever before in this fast-changing mobile world. A large number of servers are housed in cloud-computing data centers of some big enterprises and organizations.

Finisar Introduces Quadwire

Finisar Corp. has introduced Quadwire, a 40- Gbit/sec optical link for data centers and high-performance computer clusters. Quadwire is a parallel active optical cable that provides a 40-Gbit/sec aggregate link via four 10- Gbit/sec full-duplex channels. Based on the industry-standard QSFP form factor, the new cable utilizes fiber-optic technology to transmit parallel high-speed data over ribbon multimode fiber.