Vantage Plans Hyperscale Datacenter in Greater Phoenix


Vantage Data Centers has chosen Phoenix in Arizona as the place for building its next hyperscale datacenter in the United States. Fiber optic cables will be extensively used in the data center to provide highly reliable and high-speed data transfers. Greater Phoenix would host the largest data center of Vantage.

Vantage Plans Hyperscale Datacenter in Greater Phoenix 1In a press release, the company declared that it has acquired 50 acres of land in the Greater Phoenix area to build a mega-scale data center campus. Phoenix represents the company’s sixth data center. Vantage had recently built a data center in Northern Virginia and recently announced expansion into Montreal and Quebec City through the pending 4Degrees Colocation acquisition.

The Phoenix campus will total 160MW of critical load and more than 1 million square feet once fully developed. It will be the largest of Vantage’s seven current and planned campuses when complete.

The site, located just outside of Phoenix in the city of Goodyear, will be home to three data centers. This expansion will offer Vantage’s current and future customers premium wholesale data center space in a high-growth Tier I market, driven by demand from hyperscale and cloud providers, as well as technology, e-commerce and enterprise companies.

The Greater Phoenix area is a rapidly expanding data center market, which is one of the top 5 markets, driven by a combination of ideal energy costs, environmentals, and tax incentives. In response to market demand, Vantage recently acquired 50 acres outside Phoenix in Goodyear, Arizona, to build a 160MW mega-scale data center campus. Construction is expected to begin in early 2019, with the first 32MW phase coming online in early 2020.

Majority of the communication cables in a data center are of optical fibers. Fiber optic cables interconnect between data centers and within the facility too. This is to ensure high-speed, low-loss data transmission.

Vantage Data Centers is a leading North American wholesale data center provider in six strategic markets: Silicon Valley; Northern Virginia; Phoenix; Quincy, Washington; Montreal and Quebec City, Canada. Vantage has nine operational facilities totaling 92MW of capacity and five additional facilities currently under development totaling 103MW. The company provides highly scalable, flexible and efficient data center solutions to hyperscale, cloud and enterprise customers, offering unique value through its commitment to exceptional customer service and sustainability.


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