MIRIS selects Nokia for data centers Across Nordic Region


Norway based real estate and technology firm, MIRIS selects Nokia for urban data centers across the Nordic region. The agreement for a long-term partnership between MIRIS and Nokia will lead to the commercial deployment of Nokia AirFrame Open Edge cloud data center solution in the enterprise market in the region.

MIRIS will deploy AirFrame Open Edge data center technology to support delivery of Smart City services in business parks and residential areas. MIRIS plans to build data centers in about 20 urban locations in Norway during 2019, which it plans to continue across the Nordic region.

server racks in a data centerNorway’s municipalities and the local real estate industries will host the infrastructure to support the first edge data centers. The partners plan to make these data centers eco-friendly. Many data centers will be designed to recycle the excess heat that they generate and use it in local homes and businesses.

Nokia in a press release stated that it will develop and deliver edge-compute services to support a range of innovative Smart City and Internet of Things applications. These data centers support technologies such as connected vehicles, gaming, massive video-compute, and other demanding local applications. Nokia Open Edge is a single-socket x86 server platform in a secured compact package suitable for harsh environments and all business segments, including enterprise.

Nokia, which is originated from the Nordic region and later spread all across the world has a global reach and extensive experience in communication network solutions that includes the data center. Thus it has a Nordic brand, which MIRIS acknowledges as an attractive point, and a worldwide presence that can provide a complete data center solution, including operations. With Nokia as a partner, MIRIS can focus on its concept development, sales, and deployment.

Power consumption at a data center is not negligible and the heat generated from these facilities is always a concern. Since a data center needs to maintain a constant temperature, environment conditioners work round the clock and this also generates a considerable amount of heat. Around two years ago, there was an innovative proposal to build the facilities under the water in order to save the energy consumed for cooling. Nokia officials said that the data centers consume as much as 5% of the world’s power.

Nokia provides a complete AirFrame solution including Open Edge hardware, AirFrame Data Center Manager and Cloud infrastructure for IoT and real-time applications, as well as professional services for the design stage. Through the research and innovation of Nokia Bell Labs, Nokia serves the communications service providers, governments, large enterprises, and consumers, with the industry’s most complete, end-to-end portfolio of products, services and licensing.


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