BroadBand Tower Selects Juniper’s Universal Routing Platform


Juniper in a press release announced that Japanese data center provider Broadband Tower has selected its high performing solution, the MX204 (Universal Routing Platform) for the latter’s 5G data center located in Otemachi, Tokyo, Japan. Juniper solutions will power up Japan’s businesses in the 5G era through a simplified, flexible and automated network infrastructure.

BroadBand Tower’s hyperscale is built to support the rapidly accelerating 5G mobile and next-generation ICT infrastructure demands of the densely-populated urban capital. BroadBand Tower will be able to offer data center services that accommodate the emerging 5G needs of their customers, including the demands for high-volume traffic and speed from major telcos, enterprises and OTTs, all while ensuring consistent high-speed connectivity to the end-user. To achieve this, BroadBand Tower required a network architecture that could provide both flexibility and programmability, which are crucial for the constantly evolving demands of the 5G era.

a banner showing letters IOT, a house, a smart phone, a car and a building and all are connected with signalsJuniper’s MX204 Universal Routing Platform delivers ultra-high density and throughput to enable high-speed and uninterrupted network access, while the QFX5200 and QFX5110 Ethernet Switches were deployed to achieve optimal versatility, operability and stability across the network to meet exponentially growing internet traffic and data volume.

In addition to the above, by leveraging the scalability of Junos Fusion, BroadBand Tower was able to yield greater flexibility and control of various elements across its network through a single management plane, while the implementation of a single operating system through Junos OS enabled the unified configuration of all devices, thereby reducing overall network complexity and operational costs.

For simplifying the network management, BroadBand Tower selected Juniper as a single networking vendor for this project due to its proven track record of deploying high-performing and reliable networking solutions.

The 5G-Ready datacenter is located in Otemachi, which is Japan’s financial and technology hub. BroadBand Tower plans to partner with other data operators housed in the same district to expand its services in the near future. The company is also looking to migrate the network infrastructure of its other existing data centers over to Juniper in order to better manage its network seamlessly across multiple locations.


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