Cloud Computing vs Big Data: What Is the Relationship?


cloud-computing-vs-big-dataCloud computing and big data are two of the most trending terms in the ever-lasting IT sector nowadays. You may think that they both do the same thing but actually, both of them have their own ways to work to perform. Cloud computing vs big data, what are they? What is the relationship between them?

Cloud Computing Tutorial

Cloud computing is a technology used to store data and information on a remote server rather than on a physical hard drive. It uses the servers hosted on the Internet to store, manage, and process data, rather than a local server or a personal computer. It means accessing the resources of the organization from any remote location in the world. In simple term accessing RAM, HDD, Processor of organization’s server from the laptop, desktop from any of the location where the Internet is available.


As shown in the figure above, cloud computing is a collection of different services, providing services to end user via the Internet. Services like storage, virtual desktop applications, Web/App hosting process power from servers. In the following architecture, the infrastructure built to provide services is called cloud computing. This infrastructure from where the services get accessible is the front end.

Big Data Wiki

The term big data is very popular nowadays, representing huge sets of data that can be further processed to extract information. Big data carries hidden patterns and algorithms which are unlocked by using various tools available in the market. These data sets are further analyzed to provide business insights. Big data is all about storing and processing of data that is exponentially growing these days. Giants like Google, Facebook are having their own data centers to keep track and to secure their users’ data. That’s also why many big companies are equipped with reliable network equipment (including the server, router or fiber switch) for data storage or traffic forwarding in their data centers.


Big data requires a large amount of storage space. While the price of storage continued to decline, the resources required to leverage big data can still pose financial difficulties for SMBs (small to medium-sized businesses). A typical big data storage and analysis infrastructure will be based on clustered network-attached storage (NAS). Clustered NAS infrastructure requires configuration of several NAS pods with each NAS pod comprised of several storage devices connected to a NAS device. The series of NAS devices are then interconnected to allow massive sharing and searching of data.

Key Comparisons Over Cloud Computing vs Big Data

Cloud computing works in a consolidated manner, while the big data comes under the technology of cloud computing. The crucial difference between cloud computing vs big data is that cloud computing is used to handle the huge storage capacity to provide various flexible and techniques to tackle a magnificent amount of the data. While big data is the information processed with the cloud computing platform. The following chart gives a more detailed comparison of cloud computing vs big data.

Cloud ComputingBig Data
BasicOn-demand services are provided by using integrated computer resources and systems.An extensive set of structured, unstructured, complex data forbidding the traditional processing technique to work on it.
PurposeEnable the data to be stored and processed on the remote server and accessed from any place.Organization of the large volume of data and information to the extract hidden valuable knowledge.
Working ModeDistributed computing is used to analyze the data and produce more useful data.The Internet is used to provide cloud-based services.
BenefitsLow maintenance expense, centralized platform, provision for backup and recovery.Cost effective parallelism, scalable, robust.
ChallengesAvailability, transformation, security, charging model.Data variety, data storage, data integration, data processing, and resource management.

Cloud Computing vs Big Data: They Work Hand in Hand

Both cloud computing and big data are good at their marks. Cloud computing vs big data: they differ from each other but work hand in hand. They are the perfect combination for data storage and processing. Cloud computing has been a precursor and facilitator to the emergence of big data. If big data is the content, then cloud computing is the infrastructure.

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