ElectroniCast releases Fiber Optic Component Attenuator Global Market Forecast


The worldwide use of fiber optic component attenuators reached $146.7 million last year (2020). 


October 6, 2021 ElectroniCast Consultants, a leading market research & technology forecast consultancy addressing the fiber optics communications industry, today announced the release of their market forecast of the global consumption of component-level fiber optic attenuators in communication applications. According to the study, the worldwide use of fiber optic component-level attenuators reached $146.7 million in 2020, and is forecast to increase at an overall double-digit rate during the 1st -half of the forecast period (2020-2025).


Fiber optic attenuators are an important part of the optical communication link by allowing the adjustment of signal transmission into the dynamic range of the receiver.  Either a fixed or variable optical attenuator (VOA) is generally positioned before a receiver to adjust optical power. Fixed-type (not adjustable) fiber optic attenuators refer to the attenuator that can reduce the power of fiber light at a fixed value loss. While variable fiber optic attenuators refer to the attenuator that can generate an adjustable loss to the fiber optic link.


The fiber optic component attenuator market forecast is segmented by fixed-types, which included Bulkhead/Build-Out attenuators, as well as Fixed In-Line Jumper attenuators.  Additionally, the component attenuator category includes Manually-controlled VOAs, as well as Electronically-controlled VOAs.


In 2020, in terms of volume (quantity of units), the Fixed-type attenuators held the leading market share of nearly 83 percent; however, Fixed-type attenuators are price much lower than the VOAs.


The fastest annual growth of the worldwide consumption value of fiber optic component attenuators are forecast to be in the Private Network application, especially with expanding Data Centers, as well as in Specialty applications, which include fiber optic sensor system links.


Last year (2020), the Asia Pacific region (APAC) was the market share leader, with 38% consumption value of fiber optic component attenuators, followed very closely by the America region (see Figure).





Fiber Optic Component Attenuator

Global Consumption Value ($146.7 Million in 2020)


Source: ElectroniCast





This market forecast report is available immediately from ElectroniCast or authorized sales agents worldwide.


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