Why Should You Choose a Wall Mount Rack & Cabinet ?


Network racks are essential for storing your equipment in an organized, safe and efficient manner.

Rack solutions allow you to house many IT components in a smaller amount of space, helping you use storage area more efficiently, while also protecting network equipment and maintaining an organized environment. Network racks organize IT equipment into standard-sized server rack cabinets for greater efficiency throughout the data center. Rack styles range from open-frame racks consisting of two or four mounting rails (called posts) without sides or doors to lockable rack cabinets with rails, front and rear doors and side panels.

  • The height of a network equipment rack is measured in units designated by the letter U (each rack unit is 1.75 inches/44.45 mm) high; server cabinets are available with capacities ranging from 2U to 58U.
  • Choose floor-standing racks with rolling casters or wall-mount racks for applications where floor space is limited or extra security is important

Why are Network Racks required?

Network Racks are an important component of the structured cabling system. Network racks are required for neatly, efficiently and safely holding all the networking equipment. If there are no network racks/ patch panels, then the cabling would look cluttered. Network racks can hold many components in a relatively smaller space, which enables one to utilize the available storage space very efficiently. Network racks are required for the physical safety of all the equipment kept within, as most of them could be locked and access denied for unauthorized personnel. Network racks are also required for improving the health of the networking equipment stored inside. For example, when the cables are taken carefully and neatly through the cable managers in the racks, there is little chance of data loss due to excessive cable bends. Also, the cooling fans in the network racks provide additional cooling to prevent any damage to the networking equipment kept inside them, due to overheating.

The benefits of a wall mount rack

These racks do not take up space on the floor.

Though this benefit may seem obvious, it is important. When you are working in a small space, you need to use the space that you do have as efficiently as possible. Wall mount racks allow you to optimize your workspace by keeping IT equipment off of floors and desks.

They are easier to set up and install than other types of rack solutions.

Most small or home-based businesses do not have in-house IT solutions and may choose to install network racks on their own. With a basic understanding of how these racks work, you can set up and install wall mount racks yourself.

Wall mount server racks and cabinets save floor space and are ideal for smaller installations or to house system distribution points. Open-frame “rack” styles are great for controlled spaces such as utility rooms. Fully enclosed “cabinet” style models provide security to protect equipment in more open spaces from tampering, dust, and other hazards. Looking for enhanced rear access to equipment and wiring; select from styles that have hinged, or swing, center sections vs. being affixed directly to the wall.


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