How to Select the Right Rackmount Fiber Enclosure?


Currently, Rackmount fiber enclosure has become increasingly popular in data centers to ensure better cable management and maintenance. Fiber enclosure can provide easy-to-manage cabling environments and strong protection for fiber optic cables. And This article is about How to Select the Right Rack Mount Fiber Enclosure for your network?

Types and Designs of Rack Mount Fiber Enclosures

As one of the most commonly used fiber enclosures in data center, rack mount fiber enclosure provides a convenient and rugged termination point for fiber jumper cables. This rack mount enclosures offer a flexible connectivity system using a variety of adapter plates and MPO cassettes.

Rack Mount Enclosures Configurations

The rack mount enclosure is generally made for standard 19-inch rack mounting. Depending on the number of connections required, they are available in one or more rack units (RU) height configurations, such as 1RU, 2RU or 4RU, etc. you should choose the most proper one depending on space and port requirement of your network.

Rack Mount Fiber Enclosures Applications

Fiber enclosure has various designs and applications. Basically, rack mount fiber enclosures can be used in the following three circumstances, which are depended on the accessories that are installed on the fiber enclosure. The following will take a slide-out 1RU rack mount fiber enclosure as an example to illustrate the applications of the fiber enclosures in the data center. Installed with splice trays, fiber adapter panels and MTP cassettes separately, fiber enclosure can provide cabling environment for different connections.

For Fiber Splicing Joints

For fiber splicing joints in fiber enclosures, splice tray and FAPs are needed. When installing four fiber adapter panels on the front panel and one or more splicing trays inside the enclosure drawer, this fiber enclosure can provide cable management and protection for splicing joints and connections.

For Patch Cord Connections

This kind of fiber enclosure usage is very common. Simply by installing two slack spools and four fiber patch panel on the fiber enclosure, it could make fiber patch cables management much easier. The following picture shows a breakout fiber patch cable installed in the fiber enclosure and being well organized by the spools.

Installing HD MTP Cassettes

Up to four MTP Cassettes can be installed in this 1U fiber enclosure, which can provide 40G/100G to 10G high cabling density and easy transferring from MTP interface to LC interface.


Choosing an affordable rack mount fiber enclosure that within your installation budget serves as a basic requirement, However, a premium rack mount fiber enclosure is a durable item that will provide services for years to come.

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