Windstream’s Core Network Connects to Telxius Network


Windstream and Telxius join together to provide a high-speed international connection over fiber optic cables to Windstream wholesale customers. Windstream ‘s Core Network will be connected to two submarine fiber optic cable systems of Telxius, MAREA and BRUSA at Virginia beach Cable Landing Station.


Windstream is a Wholesale provider of advanced network communications and Telxius is the telecommunications infrastructure company of the Telefónica Group. The new access point will provide Windstream Wholesale customers with unprecedented high-speed network connections into Europe, South America, the Caribbean, and multiple points nationally across the U.S.

Map showing Europe, North America and South America with lines indicating the routes of Bursa and Marea submarine fiber optic cable through the Atlantic oceanThe Windstream-Telxius collaboration will bring high-speed communication that would greatly expand both domestic and international connectivity options for Windstream Wholesale customers. Windstream can provide a rich set of high-bandwidth WAN Services that includes low-latency transport to major data and international hubs across the U.S. such as Miami, New York City, Dallas, Los Angeles, and San Jose.

Redundancy through diverse routing options protect networks against outages while delivering coast-to-coast transport, as well as connectivity to thousands of Windstream-lit buildings across the U.S. Critical services such as stock markets, medical, airline, banking etc, cannot afford downtime caused by network outages. Internationally, the new access point will provide Windstream Wholesale customers with connections from U.S. locations into Europe, South America and the Caribbean islands through its collaboration with Telxius over the MAREA and BRUSA subsea cables.

With the current partnership, Windstream becomes one of the first U.S. national network operators in the Virginia beach for the MAREA and BRUSA submarine cable systems.


Telxius is the telecommunication infrastructure company of the Telefónica Group that manages a unique combination of towers and an international network of high capacity fiber optic submarine cables. Telxius have 87,000 km international network which consists of ten high capacity submarine fiber optic cables. The company offers advanced IP, capacity, colocation and security services on its high capacity international network over these fiber-optic submarine cables.

Windstream Holdings, Inc. is a leading provider of advanced network communications and technology solutions, providing data networking, core transport, security, unified communications, and managed services to mid-market, enterprise and wholesale customers across the U.S. The company also offers broadband, entertainment and security services for consumers and small and medium-sized businesses primarily in rural areas in 18 states. Services are delivered over multiple network platforms including a nationwide IP network, our proprietary cloud core architecture and on a local and long-haul fiber network spanning approximately 150,000 miles.


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