Prysmian Romania Plant Receives JAC Certification


Prysmian Group’s cable plant in Slatina, Romania has received certification from JAC (Joint Audit Cooperation)for its sustainability performance. A press release at the manufacturer’s site says that the award confirms its commitment to promoting Corporate Social Responsibilities.

The award ceremony was held in Shenzhen, along with the 8th JAC Forum. JAC is an international association made up of the main telecommunications operators, which assesses and promotes the implementation of best CSR practices in the production centers of companies operating in the industry.

Prysmian Group’s plant in Slatina, Romania, the largest optical cable plant in Europe. The plant was built 46 years before. The plant had tripled its production capacity to 1,500,000 km of optical cable in 2013. Prysmian Group is a market leader in Telecommunication products supply with over 11% share and 24 production facilities. Its acquisition of Draka has helped the group to become a totally passive solution provider in the fiber optic industry.

A board displaying the name of Prysmian Group placed in front of its Slatina Romania plant

Prysmian Group is also a leader in the energy and telecom cables and systems industry. The Slatina factory started its manufacturing activity in 1973 with the production of energy cables, while in 2009 it introduced the first module for the production of optical fiber cables.

For JAC certification, the audit and assessment process was carried out through plant visits and interviews with management and plant workers. The auditors then judged the performance of the Corporate Social Responsibility policies adopted by Prysmian Group in Slatina as excellent, with an overall score of 96.9 out of 100 and an “A” rating. The Slatina plant stood out, in particular, in the “Health and Safety”, “Working Hours”, “Business Ethics”, “Child Labour and Juvenile workers”, “Forced Labour”, “Freedom of Association” and “Disciplinary Practices” areas, in which it received a 100% score.

JAC also highlighted the quality and effectiveness of the management system of the plant, opened in 2017 with the aim of expanding the Group’s production capacity in order to meet the growing demand for optical cables.

Prysmian has been continuing its research into submarine cables with deep-water installation capabilities that can be installed at significant depths up to three kilometers. The cable company has succeeded in making lead-free cables using “Lead Less” technology. This is to eliminate lead from energy cables and its ongoing research into 525 kV HVDC cable systems with P-Laser technology — which allows for the creation of recyclable and eco-sustainable cables — capable of guaranteeing a higher carrying capacity.

Prysmian cables offer one of the highest fiber count cables available in the industry these days. The maker’s FlexTube technology set another industry record with 3,456 fibers, reducing the impact of civil engineering works during the installation process. Such high fiber count cables have applications in the data center.

Address of the factory (Prysmian Romania):

Prysmian Cabluri Si Sisteme S.A. – Milcov Plant
DJ546D Slatina, Str. Milcov Nr.12, A, Romania
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