Protectline will Protect French Homes

French telecommunication operator, Orange and Groupama will form a joint venture company called Protectline. Both firms signed an agreement to establish a new company that will serve in the home telesurveillance sector.

Carricature of a houseThe partnership with Orange will strengthen Groupama’s existing activities in the sector and will allow Orange to become a fully-fledged player on this market, taking a new step forward in its multi-service operator strategy. Orange has an extensive network of fiber optic cables that reach to homes and business units. Optical fibers can be utilized to do surveillance of the homes, buildings, and shops.

The advantage of having a fiber optic network is that unused fibers from the cable can be utilized for services such as telesurveillance. Surveillance is a must these days for buildings and business units. Telesureveillance can drastically reduce the dependancy on deployment of staff to the remote locations.

The deal between the two groups establishes Protectline as a joint platform for the operation and management on home telesurveillance services. Orange holds 51% of the company’s capital and Groupama holds the remaining 49%.

By working together through a joint platform, Orange and Groupama will each retain full control of the distribution of their respective offers over their own retail networks and using their own brands.

Groupama is a well-established player in this segment with extensive expertise in the field of home telesurveillance.vOrange will launch its own home telesurveillance services on the consumer market in the Spring of 2019. These offers will be available for both fixed and mobile customers in France. Orange aims to take a strong position in the market, building on its subscriber base, its brand, its physical and digital retail networks and the expertise of Proctectline.


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  1. Home surveillance business segment is growing in many parts of the world. With the growth of urban population, migration from villages to the cities, both-couples working families etc, security threats have also been increased. Good to know that Orange makes a business out of it.

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