Luna Innovations Merges with Advanced Photonix

Virginia based fiber optic sensing and measurement products manufacturer Luna Innovations Incorporated will merge with Opto-electronic device manufacturer Advanced Photonix Inc (API). The merger will make the combined company stronger to cater to the needs of fiber optic product customers both in the United States and abroad.

In an annual meeting, Luna’s stockholders approved the issuance of 0.31782 shares of Luna common stock to API stockholders for each share of API common stock they own. API’s stockholders had approved the merger in a separate special meeting.

Luna Innovations is a public company composed of scientists, engineers, and business professionals developing and manufacturing a new generation of technologies and products. It has been successful in taking innovative technologies from applied research to product development and ultimately to the commercial market, driving breakthroughs in fields such as aerospace, automotive, telecommunications, healthcare, energy, and defense.

Luna Innovations Incorporated is headquartered in Roanoke, Virginia. Luna’s products are used to measure, monitor, protect and improve processes. Luna Innovations was founded by an electrical engineering professor at Virginia Tech and was originally headquartered in Blacksburg, Virginia. It moved its headquarters to Roanoke in September 2006. Luna Innovations has four locations across Virginia: Blacksburg, Roanoke, Danville, and Charlottesville.

Advanced Photonix, Inc. is a leading supplier of optoelectronic sensors, devices, and instrumentation used by the Test and Measurement, Process Control, Medical, Telecommunication, and Homeland Security markets.

API’s Optosolutions focus on the optical engine or component that enables instrumentation manufactures, for metrology systems, water monitoring systems, currency validation machines, flame monitoring control systems, solar panel manufacturing control, pyrometer devices, particle detection, color sensing etc. Their Terahertz sensor product line is targeted to the Process Control, Quality Control, Nondestructive Testing and Security markets. API’s High-Speed Optical Receivers of HSOR products are used by the telecommunication market in both the installation of long haul communication equipment and in the Quality Control test and measurement equipment used in the manufacturing of telecommunication equipment.

The Company has two manufacturing facilities; one in Ann Arbor, Michigan and one in Camarillo, California.

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