Deutsche Telekom Offers Speedbox Broadband


Germany’s premier telecommunications service provider, Deutsche Telekom (Telekom) has started offering high-speed hotspot called ‘Speedbox’ to its customers. The attractive part of the offer is the ‘Seamless connectivity with Mobility’.

Customers can carry this Speedbox wherever they go and use it to connect to the internet whenever they wish at a more economical and cost-effective way.

Deutsche Telekom Speedbox
Deutsche Telekom Speedbox (image courtesy: Deutsche Telekom)

The Speedbox offers 100 GB of data for use within Germany. The battery life of the Speedbox is 4 hours. If you are going for shopping and short distance travel, this battery should be OK, but if you are planning for a long trip, you need to keep a power bank.

You may wonder what you can do with 100 GB data. The data plan is very common in many countries since it offers cost-effective broadband service. Most of the subscribers won’t use the broadband for always and such customers consider the unlimited broadband unnecessary mainly due to cost concerns.

with a 100 GB data plan from Deutsche Telekom, you can;

– Stream high-definition movies for 50 hours. If you watch a movie of 2 hours a day, you can watch up to 25 movies a month.

– If you listen to music, with 100 GB data plan, you can listen for 2,500 hours.

– Or else, you just want to surf the internet. Internet surfing doesn’t eat out your data much like watching movies or listening to music. You can browse through the internet for 5,000 hours.

In short, Deutsche Telekom’s Speedbox is an ideal companion for your short trips. You need flexibility in connectivity while you are moving out of your home.

The speedbox is connected to the internet through Deutsche Telekom’s LTE mobile network, which provides speeds of up to 300 Mbps.

With a Speedbox, you can get online quickly and easily wherever you need it. This service offers flexibility, with high data volumes on Telekom’s best network The Speedbox is easy to set up. Simply switch it on and connect it to the mains if necessary. Then you’re ready to get surfing on a LAN or WLAN connection wherever you are. A micro SIM is inserted into Speedbox, which will connect to the mobile network. The device needs to be used in conjunction with the Speedbox Router.

Deutsche Telekom Plans with Speedbox

Euro 39.95 a month – 100 GB of data for use within Germany

Device Charge (One-time) – Euro 39.95

Speedbox Router (One-time) – Euro 1

The contract term is 24 months.

The SpeedOn option – extra 15 GB for Euro 14.95 or 30 GB for Euro29.95.

Want more flexibility? use the Speedbox Flex, you need to pay only if you actually use the Speedbox. There is a one-off fee of Euro 39.95 for the device and Euro 99.95 for the Speedbox Router. 100 GB data for use within Germany can be purchased for 44.95 euros by data pass. It is valid for 31 days.

In an attempt to attract more youngsters to the offer, Deutsche Telekom offers discounts to all customers under the age of 28. They benefit from the Speedbox Young rate. Youngsters get Euro 10 off per month on the inclusive volume or on the Flex rate on the data pass.

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