Hammer and Wikibuli Brings Broadband to Dominica

Hammer Fiber Optics Holdings Corp and Wikibuli had reached to an agreement that would provide broadband serrvice in Dominica. Both companies through a press release announced that the transaction between them had closed as planned on 1 January, 2019.

T-Mobile Serves Fiber Broadband to Dr Clown Foundation

Poland’s T-Mobile says Dr Clown Foundation has become its first commercial client for the fiber optic broadband service. As T-Mobile has been implementing its strategy to transform from mobile to convergence operator to a fiber-optic internet service provider in Poland.

CRTC Declares Broadband Internet a Basic Telecommunication Necessity

Canada’s communication regulator CRTC (Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission) declares that the broadband access internet service is a basic telecom service for all citizens. CRTC also intends to accelerate the deployment of broadband services in the country. The official new release reveals CRTC’s plans to set ambitious new speed targets and creating a new fund that will invest up to…

Connect Broadband Partners with Huawei for Fiber Project

India based broadband services provider Connect Broadband has partnered with Huawei to create Fiber Connected Smart homes. Under this partnership program, renowned builders and architects were invited to witness the benefits of FTTH technology over legacy technologies and were provided with technical know-how on deploying fiber cables in buildings at the time of construction.