CHT Selects Comtrend Adapters


Chunghwa Telecom (CHT), Taiwan has selected Comtrend for the supply of its Ethernet over Coax Adapter, GCA-6000 and Ethernet over Powerline Adapter, PG-9173. Both adapter solutions from Comtrend are powered by MaxLiner’s 88LX3142 and 88LX2718 technology. Comtrend adapters based on MaxLinear’s home-networking solutions would deliver gigabit-class service to their FTTx subscribers in Taiwan.

Taiwanese telecom service provider, Chunghwa Telecom wants to ensure that its FTTx subscribers enjoy their gigabit service at home, avoiding the performance problems associated with a congested wireless spectrum and the expensive truck rolls required to install Ethernet cables.

CHT Selects Comtrend Adapters 1Chunghwa Telecom selected Comtrend’s GCA-6000, a Ethernet over Coax Adapter and PG-9173, a Ethernet over Powerline Adapter. Both adapter solutions are powered by MaxLinear’s 88LX3142 and 88LX2718 ICs. By leveraging existing coaxial cables and powerlines, Chunghwa Telecom ensures that FTTx subscribers can enjoy their gigabit service at home, avoiding the performance problems associated with a congested wireless spectrum and the expensive truck rolls required to install Ethernet cables.

Both adapters are based on MaxLinear technology and will leverage in-home coaxial cables or powerlines to deliver robust connectivity at home. These adapters are optimized to meet the needs of broadband service providers that need guaranteed gigabit performance in their customers’ homes. These adapters meet customer requirements of today and also have the flexibility to adapt to new requirements such as cloud-based AR, VR or 8K video that may arise in the future.”

What is Powerline Technology?

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Powerline is a bridging technology, often useful for extending the reach of a home network to places where your wireless coverage is poor, or where you need the fastest connection possible − a games console, perhaps, or an Apple TV. It’s also ideal for connecting old devices to the Internet that don’t have built-in Wi-Fi connectivity, avoiding cluttering up your living room with a tangle of Ethernet cables. Powerline is a neat and effective networking solution.

Powerline technology is arguably more secure than a wireless network too. As data is sent across the copper wiring in your home, it can’t be hacked or misused from the outside. Modern Powerline kit also encourages you to password protect your adapters, adding an extra layer of protection.

A Powerline network is essentially a wired network with (mostly) hidden wires. Let’s say that you have your broadband router in the hallway and a smart Samsung HD TV in the living room. Let’s also say that this particular telly isn’t wireless-enabled, so the only way that you can enjoy catch-up TV on it is to trail an Ethernet cable from the router, down the hallway, and across the living room floor to the TV. You try to hide the cable with a big rug. It doesn’t work.

The Powerline solution is less visible − a ‘no new wires’ approach. You buy a basic kit, which comes with two Powerline adapters and two short Ethernet cables. You connect one of the Ethernet cables to your router and to the first of the adapters. Then you plug it into the nearest power socket. You click the second Ethernet cable into the back of the HD TV and into the second adapter. You plug the second adapter into the nearest power socket.

And that’s it. The adapters auto-detect each other (no drivers, no lengthy configuration process) and auto-connect, enabling data packets to whizz from the router to TV, traveling along the Ethernet cable, into the first adapter, across the electrical wiring in the walls, out into the second adapter and into the TV. When the first HomePlug Powerline standard was introduced in 2001, data speeds were limited to a sluggish 14Mbps. But the newest Powerline products now support Gigabit-class networking.

Comtrend designs, manufacture and market a wide range of networking equipment and software. Service providers, VARs, businesses, and consumers look to Comtrend for broadband gateways, as well as the latest Wi-Fi, Power-line, Coax and surveillance technologies. MaxLinear, Inc. is a leading provider of radio frequency (RF), analog and mixed-signal integrated circuits for the connected home, wired and wireless infrastructure, and industrial and multimarket applications.

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