T-Mobile Serves Fiber Broadband to Dr Clown Foundation

Poland’s T-Mobile says Dr Clown Foundation has become its first commercial client for the fiber optic broadband service. As T-Mobile has been implementing its strategy to transform from mobile to convergence operator to a fiber-optic internet service provider in Poland.

The DR Clown Foundation executes through a network of volunteers and institutions located across Poland and organizes webinars and teleconferences. Teleconferencing and Video-based seminar and Webinars requires high-speed broadband connectivity. The Foundation was not happy with the quality of network service it has been receiving so far. The service quality did not meet its requirements, though the operations were all within the coverage of the fiber optic network.

DR Clown Foundation Poland office building

T‑Mobile has been testing other processes under its so-called Friendly User Tests for several months now, with nearly 100 T-Mobile employees taking part. At the beginning of 2019, the operator will launch a working version of the offer and subsequently bring it to the mass market.

T-Mobile had signed a deal with Nexera in September 2018. With the deal, T-Mobile could access NEXERA’s fiber-optic network. Under the deal T-Mobile got access to 450k households, that will be within NEXERA coverage till 2020. T-Mobile plans to offer its services on Nexera’s network in 2019.

The Dr Clown Foundation is an innovative arts-in-healthcare organization whose mission is to improve the quality of life of hospitalized children and seniors in long-term care facilities through the interventions of its relational clowns that combine personal contact, games, and imagination. The goal is to integrate relational clowns into the establishments’ healthcare plans. The foundation oversees two distinctive programs: Dr Clown, mainly intended for children and La belle visite, destined for seniors with a loss of autonomy, residing in long-term care facilities

T-Mobile Polska S.A. is a Polish mobile phone network operator. The company was formerly named Polska Telefonia Cyfrowa and operated under the name Era, until being rebranded as T-Mobile on 5 June 2011. As in other European countries, the company operates a GSM network. Following a decade-long ownership dispute with the French Vivendi corporation, the company has been wholly owned by the German telecommunications provider Deutsche Telekom since 2010.

T-Mobile will provide services to the foundation for a nominal fee of PLN 1.

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