PLDT Collaborates with Google to Kill Wi-Fi Deadspots

Philippine’s incumbent telecommnication service provider PLDT collaborates with Google Wi-Fi f to offer its subscribers a new package of Wi-Fi services at home. PLDT and Google introduced new PLDT Home Google Wifi Plans, that will provide Wi-Fi in every room and every device.

Wifi equipment PLDT brand this service as Unli Fibr. The prices start at Php2,299 per month. The new Plans come with Unli Fibr and three Google Wifi ‘points,’ which the subscribers can install at home by themselves. The core idea is that a user knows his home the best and he/she can decide where the can place the device in order to enjoy uninterrupted services. To make the offer more attractive, PLD offers free landline with unlimited calls to Smart, TNT, and Su (other providers in Philippines)..

What is PLDT Home Google Wifi?
PLDT Home Google Wifi Plans eliminate the Wi-Fi deadspots at home. Wi-FI deadspots are areas in a home where the Wi-FI signals are weak or absent. Such deadspots generate dissatisfaction among the subscribers. Such deadspots often exist at big homes with multiple storeys. Wi-Fi deadspots result in interrupted online activities: Deadspots are troublesome especially while making video calls, watching movies, or uploading/downloading files/movies. Optical fiber broadband is the best solution to avoid this troubles, but have limtation in moveablity. Advantage of Wi-Fi is moveability. You can move with the device inside your home if the Wi-FI signals are strong.

PLDT Home Google Wifi Plans l use mesh networking technology to deliver not only a fast but also reliable and seamless Unli Fibr around your home, delivered from Google Wifi ‘points.

Unli Fibr with speeds range from 30Mbps, 60 Mbps, 120 Mbps, 250 Mbps and 1Gbps. The PLDT Home Google Wifi Plans let its subscribers enjoy streaming of videos seamlessly, upload and download heavy files in an instant, play games without lag, and make clear and video calls without any interruption.

PLDT Home Google Wifi Plans come with free service from the Home Geek Squad to help you position and set up the Google Wifi ‘points’ for optimal experience. This will make sure that a home is covered with Wi-Fi. Google Wifi will ensure that connected devices are always latched on to the channel with the strongest Wi-Fi signal from PLDT Home Fibr.

PLDT also offers a companion aaplication available on Android and iOS smart devices to manage settings, allocate bandwidth to different devices, and create scheduled pauses on devices used by children.


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