EOLO Adopts Cisco 8000 and ASR 9003 Routers to Expand 400GbE Backbone


Italian service provider EOLO has become the first service provider in southern Europe to adopt Cisco’s advanced mass-scale networking technologies to expand the 400GbE backbone. With 8000 and ASR 9903 Series routers from Cisco, EOLO can expand national coverage areas with fixed wireless access connections.

EOLO has chosen to adopt Cisco’s most advanced mass-scale networking technologies as part of its commitment to offer the highest quality ultra-broadband services to its customers. Cisco solutions also provide enhanced security and network automation capabilities provide greater availability and protection against cybersecurity threats.

EOLO is a telecommunications operator for the residential and business market in Italy. EOLO is working with Cisco to strengthen its fixed wireless access network to extend its ultra-broadband connectivity to rural areas.

EOLO’s collaboration with Cisco will help Italy to reduce the digital divide in the country. The digital divide affects a significant part of the Italian population currently. According to recent data from the third CENSIS Auditel report, 3.5 million Italians did not have access to internet connections in the first lockdown in 2020 and are still living without quality access to applications to work, learn, shop, and use services online.

EOLO is now preparing for 5G and also plans to strengthen its fixed wireless access network with a 400 Gigabit Ethernet backbone powered by Cisco 8000 and ASR 9903 series routers. This will enable EOLO to provide the internet to more people, in more places than ever before.

EOLO is strengthening its network and preparing to expand its coverage that currently reaches about 6,500 Italian municipalities. With the ASR 9903 and 8000 Series routers, key building blocks of Cisco Converged SDN Transport architecture, EOLO has adopted solutions designed for the most demanding markets.

The new network is powered by software capable of self-managing, self-protecting and self-healing, and integrates enhanced security and network automation capabilities to maintain greater availability and protection against cybersecurity threats.

“Cisco and EOLO have a shared vision to help build a more inclusive future with the power of connectivity,” said Paolo Campoli, Vice President, Global Service Provider Segment Leader, Cisco. “When we launched our vision of the Internet for the Future one year ago, we laid the foundations to transform the digital world over the next ten years. EOLO shares the same passion, and is making great strides in providing affordable, high quality internet access to everyone.”

“EOLO’s mission has always been to close the digital divide, bringing reliable and high-performance internet connectivity to the Italian province. Our mission has become critical during this unprecedented period,” says Guido Garrone, CTO, EOLO. “This has been a daunting task with the need to quickly scale the network to support the increasing traffic growth we are witnessing every day. To address this challenge, we needed a trusted partner who shares the same vision and passion for innovation. We selected Cisco to jointly develop the project for transforming our backbone infrastructure, based on best-in-class, scalable and future-proof technologies.”

CISCO ASR 9903 Router

Cisco ASR 9903 Router is a compact, high-performance router that delivers up to 3.6 terabits per second of nonblocking, full-duplex capacity. The unit comes in a Three-Rack-Unit (3RU) form factor. Multiple port rates are supported by ASR 9903: 400 Gigabit Ethernet, 200 Gigabit Ethernet, 100 Gigabit Ethernet, 40 Gigabit Ethernet, and 10 Gigabit Ethernet. Hence Cisco ASR 9903 gives customers the flexibility to mix and match interface types on the same chassis and offers operators the readiness for mass-scale networking.

Cisco ASR 9903 is a fully redundant, high-performance multi-purpose platform. The router can be used in a wide range of customer scenarios and use-cases such as business PE, metro aggregation, cloud edge, Internet peering, Data Center Interconnect (DCI), and others. The router has a compact size, front-to-back airflow, support of PTP Telecom profiles, and different port rates make this platform very efficient and flexible for use at the mobile edge in 4G/5G networks. Enterprise customers can deploy the ASR 9903 as a border router at the edge of the enterprise network and as a peering router for communication with Internet service providers.

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